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Guys what do think between Gucci Mane’s wedding cake and our Nigeria’s Independence cake?

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NEWS:FIFA Makes New Moves To Change It’s Nationality Rules. Read Full Story Here>>>>>>>

FIFA is considering changing the rules that govern a player’s eligibility to represent a national team, BBC Sport reports.

At present, players who have played a competitive international for one team cannot switch to another national side.

Cape Verde’s football federation has proposed this rule be relaxed in cases where a player has played only once or twice for a national side.

“There are so many issues that have popped up,” said FIFA’s Victor Montagliani. “The world is changing.”

“Immigration is changing. There are nationality issues that pop up all over the world – in Africa, (and) there are issues in Asia and CONCACAF.

“So it’s a good time to have a look at this and see if there are solutions without hurting the integrity of the game.”

The Canadian, who heads up FIFA’s stakeholders’ committee, is president of CONCACAF, which represents North and Central America as well as the Caribbean federation.

NEWS:“I became gay after my father’s friend raped me” – 23 Year Old Nigerian Man Reveals. Read Full Story Here>>>>>>>>>

23 Year Old Nigerian Man Reveals

A 23-year-old Nigerian man, identified simply as Femi who was among the 42 homosexuals arrested in a Lagos hotel in July has revealed that he became he became gay after his Father’s friend raped him.

23 Year Old Nigerian Man Reveals

According to him, they were celebrating a birthday with friends which ended when they were arrested as they were charged with engaging in “gay activities”. Femi spent a month and two days in jail.

According to ABC Australia, since his arrest, Femi has been kicked out of home and now shuttles between “friends’ lounges and lovers’ beds.”

He has lost his job as a cleaner, left his studies at university and had sex for money to help pay for a ticket to Ghana where he hopes he can slip into obscurity.

Femi says he “became gay” at 14 when he fell in love with the man who raped him, an older man who was close friends with his father. He kept the relationship a secret until his father accused him of being “gay and acting girly”.

“When he was angry he would start flogging me,” Femi says.
“Any mistake and he would hit me. Every minute, every hour.”
After a month and two days in jail following his arrest, an NGO bailed him out.
“I tried to bribe my way out of it and members of the [LGBTI] community went to speak with my father…[he] asked them to let me die in [jail],” Femi says.

In 2014 former president Goodluck Jonathan signed a bill which proscribed penalties of 14 years’ jail for same-sex marriage and 10 years’ for same-sex “amorous relationships”.
Days after the hotel arrests, the Lagos State Attorney-General Adeniji Kazeem said the tough stance taken with the men was to help put “a stop to the exploitation of under-aged children” by gay men.

23 Year Old Nigerian Man Reveals

However, 15-year-old Doyin*, who was also arrested says no sex with minors took place. Doyin was in jail for seven days before he was released, but unlike many, he wasn’t fazed by the consequences.

“My parents know I’m gay. This is my lifestyle. This is what I choose and they say I should live my life,” he says.

“A gay is a human being and it’s God that created me like this .

I don’t have feelings for women. I have feelings for men. A gay is a human being [and that’s why I’m bold. I didn’t want my mum to know’
For Tunde*, the consequences were foremost in his mind.

“The police came through and started beating us so I covered my face because I didn’t want my mum to know,” he says.
Bundled into a cell with hardened criminals, Tunde says he was beaten up by another prisoner, called the President, who was instructed by police to extract confessions.

“This is when I had no choice … I said I was gay,” he says.

Along with the other men, Tunde pleaded not guilty to the charge in court, but his picture, name and HIV status were taken by local media and splashed across newspapers around the nation.

“When I came out my mum found out and the people I work with were abusing me saying I’m a girl,” he says.
“My grandma bought the newspaper and said I was not part of their family anymore and that I should leave the house.”

The men return to court on November 22. Lagos activist Peter Kass, whose NGO — Access to Health and Rights Development Initiative — was at the hotel conducting HIV tests for some of the patrons on the night of the arrests, claims gangs used social media to catch unsuspecting gay men out to either beat them up or exhort money from them.

“What people do is ping you or you get chatting and then you talk about hooking up,” he says.
“When you get there you discover the person isn’t even gay and there are six or seven men there … who are just out there to beat up gay men.”

NEWS:Lady reveals how she added her period blood to her boyfriend’s spaghetti, few days later, he proposed marriage to her. See More Photos Here>>>>>>>>>

A woman has shared on Facebook, how she made her boyfriend, propose to her.

According to what she shared on the Social Media platform, she revealed that she used “Witchcraft”… and this is by adding her menstrual blood inside her boyfriend’s food.

She also shared photo of the Spaghetti she added the menstrual blood to, and according to her, it worked… Few days later, her boyfriend proposed.

She wrote on Facebook; “So scrolling through FB today, one of my homegirls was asking does the blood in the spaghetti trick really work.. lol now I ain’t tryna influence nobody to do anything but there was no ring on my finger, before the spaghetti, but after the spaghetti, there is a ring! It’s a cold world out there ladies, sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do”

GIST:Viral photo of a man and his lover on the beach melt hearts. See More Photos Here>>>>>>>>

A man and his partner are making everyone go “awwww” after this picture of them hitting the beach went viral.

In the most romantic scene ever, the man is seen having fun with his partner as they run around, holding hands on the beach.

The photo is trending for obvious reasons though… hehe… you like?

GIST:Annie Idibia Pregnant? Spotted Rocking A Baby Bump At An Event. See More Photos Here>>>>>>>>>

In what has caused mixed reactions among online users, Annie Idibia has been pictured rocking a baby bump at an event in Lagos alongside her cute daughters, Isabella and Olivia, last weekend.

Annie Idibia Pregnant

It seems that the beautiful actress who has stopped posting recent photos on her Instagram page and her Musician husband, 2Baba are expecting their baby number 3.

Well, if it ends up in what we think at the moment, Congratulations!

See more Photos:

Annie Idibia Pregnant

NEWS:“How Notorious Kidnapper, Evans Is Being Treated At Maximum Kirikiri Prison” – Lagos State Prisons Controller Reveals. Read Full Story Here>>>>>>>>>

Controller of Prisons in Lagos State, Tunde Ladipo, has shared how notorious kidnap kingpin Chukwudidumeme Onuamadike, Aka Evans is being treated at the Kirikiri Prisons in Lagos.

In an interview with Vanguard, the state controller said there is no preferential treatment for Evans, rather he’s being treated like every other inmate in the prison.

He said:

“We have laws rules and regulations that guide them. Evans is like every other inmate in the prison. There is nothing special about him. It is just that there is so much hype about him being a suspected kidnapper. As far as I am concerned, he is an ordinary inmate. So far, so good. There is no way he can even go above the law because he can’t have that chance. We have ensured that our prisons are secure. So there is no cause for alarm.

“In the cases of inmates making use of telephone and other facilities, I assure you that if any case like that comes up and we investigate and find it to be true, we will not hesitate to take positive action. For now, I assure you that we don’t have such thing in our prisons.”

Speaking about the congestion of prisons, Ladipo said:

“In concrete terms, we have been lucky that the former Chief Judge of Lagos State came to our rescue when we had problems in Badagry Prisons. She visited all the prisons because I had to disturb her to come to our aid by visiting the prisons and, in the process of going round, she was able to release quite a number of inmates.

“In Badagry Prisons, she released 80 inmates, Ikoyi 44, Kirikiri Medium 117 and Kirikiri female 13. The Minister of Justice has also been very much concerned about the congestion of prisons in Lagos. I and stakeholders met on one or two occasions to look at the way forward. I have been appealing to well-meaning Nigerians to help us pay the fines of inmates who cannot afford to pay those fines. And many Nigerians are coming to help.

“In particular, a philanthropist who wanted to feed inmates came to my office and I told him that our major headache is the decongestion of our prisons. I pleaded that he should help us pay fines for inmates who could not afford it. Luckily, he was able to release 200 of such prisoners from the medium prison in Kirikiri.”

The Billionaire kidnapper is being held on a two-count charge of conspiracy and kidnapping. However, more charges are likely to follow.

NEWS:PMB Returns To Abuja After Attending D-8 Summit In Turkey. See More Photos Here>>>>>>>>

Following his one week trip to Turkey for the D-8 summit, Nigeria head of state, President Muhammadu Buhari and his wife, Aisha Buhari have arrived the country.

PMB arrived this evening from Istanbul, Turkey where he had gone to attend the D-8 summit in the company of his wife, Aisha and children Hanan and Yusuf.

He was received by his Chief of Staff, Abba Kyari, and others.

More photos below:

PMB Returns

NEWS:“I Never Went To School But I Now Supervise People With Masters And Ph.Ds” – Nigerian Billionaire Businessman, Muhammadu Indimi. Read Full Story Here >>>>>>>>

Influential Nigerian businessman and chairman of Oriental Energy Resources, Muhammdu Indimi, whose son is married to President Buhari’s daughter, had a chat with Premium Times where he said though he never went to school, he now supervises people with master’s and Ph.D.s who are working in his organization.

The Borno billionaire businessman further disclosed that he learnt English Language by listening and associating with people.

Muhammadu Indimi

“Thank God today, as an unlettered person by western standards I still supervise people with master’s and Ph.D.s who are working in my organisation,”

“As a matter of fact, if any of my employees wants to approach me with any project proposal or some kind of memo or presentation, they have to be well-prepared and make sure they did their home work well because they know I will definitely point out any error therein. So, Alhamdullillahi, I thank God for his kindness upon me.”

“It may interest you to know that I have never been to any formal school all my life. No teacher of western education can say he or she had taught me how to pronounce the alphabet ‘A’ in my life.
“I simply learnt by listening and associating with people. I am a very committed person when it comes to learning and adapting.”

Muhammadu Indimi

The billionaire also talked about the $900,000 he donated to Lynn University, US, where 10 of his children graduated from – he said the money was to build a bigger lecture hall in the university.

“The students approached me and asked if I could be available to give them an insight as to how I was able to accomplish such business successes without any form of formal education,” Indimi said.

“What they wanted was some kind of talk or lecture. And when I went to share my experience with them, I found out that the venue was too small for the crowd that attended the programme, and it was from there I pledged to help them build a better and befitting lecture for the faculty.”

NEWS:Women In Aso-Ebi Allegedly Denied Entry To Bukola Saraki’s Daughter’s Wedding. See More Photos Here>>>>>>>>>

New photos trending online shows men and women all donning uniform Aso-Ebis, sitting outside during the Introduction ceremony of Senate President, Bukola Saraki’s daughter in Kwara State on Saturday.

According to the poster, who shared the photos, they were locked out in order to prevent them from erupting into fights over food.

The poster wrote:

“Kwara people who are supporters of Baba Adinni aka Bukola Saraki caged and locked out of the wedding ceremony of the daughter of their great leader. I hear they were locked out so as to prevent them from erupting into nuclear battles over amala, semo or jollof rice. Hunger is real in Kwara State. I don’t even care if Kwarans insult me as usual this morning but this is a disgrace to humanity.”

See photos below: