While many people are moved by Olajumoke Orisagun’s breadseller-to-model story, Kemi Olunloyo, the daughter of a former Oyo State governor, is unimpressed by Nigeria’s hottest new model. (You Can read it here) Apparently, the new model tried on a new hairstyle, and she looks absolutely lovely innit! See Photo Below:


Kemi Olunloyo is back after taking a break from her social media for a while. The blogger slammed Olajumoke Orisaguna as seen in the tweets below.

She also thinks Jumoke is being exploited and there is a need for her to slow down. Kemi also took a swipe at Jumoke’s Husband and Her mother.

Kemi further stated that she is unimpressed by Nigeria’s hottest new model. “Spare me the rhetoric,” Ms Olunloyo went off on Twitter, “The breadseller is no icon or role model!” “Olajumoke may even go back hawking some day. Her mom sells Pomo and Fish” she further tweeted.


TY Bello was not spared in the Twitter rant as Ms Olunloyo also dragged the singer and photographer in her outbursts. “TY Bello has NOT transformed Olajumoke’s life for GOOD,” the activist said, adding, “Nothing in life is P E R M A N E N T!”

And that’s not all. MS Olunloyo chose that occasion to drag the Yoruba, accusing them of illiteracy. See her tweets:






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