In my recent posts, I shared a little tutorial on how MTN BIS and Glo BIS can be used to browse on PC. But after the tutorial, hundreds of this blog readers pours requests via our contact us page for a tutorial on how to use Etisalat and Airtel BIS on PC. As of now, what I can say about this is that Etisalat BIS does not currently work with PC as at the time of writing this post, although Airtel BIS works and it is the easiest of all networks that was the reason why I don’t write about it in the past time.


As already explained above, Etisalat BIS does not work presently on PC. So this post will focus on how to use Airtel BIS on PC, but as time goes on, I will update this post whenever Etisalat BIS start working on PC.

Steps to Use Airtel BIS on PC

  • Subscribe for any Airtel BlackBerry Plan. You can choose to subscribe for Airtel complete or social plan. Visit Airtel BlackBerry Internet Service Plan page for more information about Airtel BIS bundles.
  • After subscribing for any Airtel BIS plan of your choice, insert your Airtel SIM into your modem or BlackBerry (learn how to use your BlackBerry as Modem) and then connect your modem or BlackBerry device using the settings below:
    Profile Name : Airtel BIS
    APN :
    Access number: *99#
    Username : wap
    Password : wap

With the steps illustrated above, you should be able to use your Airtel BIS to browse on your PC


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