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This guide presents to us a means of getting your own USA local phone number from anywhere in the world at such great convenience without having to spend one naira: all free!! Heard someone just say AWOOF!!! Anyway don’t mind that distraction, lets continue.

The moment you could boast of a US local phone number in your possession, your friends not excluding your relatives in the US will now be enabled to dial you from their landline or even their normal cell phones but this time, they swivel their way around paying hefty international rates. According to this operation, the incoming voice calls would as well be forwarded to your desktop based VoIP phones or preferably your mobile phone.

Well it is true that Skype also makes provisions for a similar service tagged Skype-In (which many refer to as Online Number); just that in this Skype model, you get a local phone number for USA but with the scruffy edge that it comes at a walloping cost of $18 for 3 months! Not all would afford that so here is our simple model here as to snapping your own USA Phone Number – procedurally.

Step 1: First sign-up for a free account with, after this click to continue. CallCentric will now send you a confirmation mail to go about verifying your email address.

Step 2: when you are through with the verification process of the email address, make available your city and country code, and then agree to the terms as well as conditions; then move on to click “Sign me up.”

Step 3: At this interval, CallCentric will now give you a virtual tour of their websites. No time, skip it and make a choice of “Go to My CallCentric.” After that the next screen leads you to a list of your CallCentric # in the format 1777** – do well to copy that number to the clipboard. Now lets move on if you have done that.

Step 4: Now get a new browser tab opened and proceed to Kindly set the account type as SIP then paste the CallCentric # from the clipboard into the field which denotes SIP Username. You see that the hostname is so select that very email address and password that you had previously made use of when processing the set-up of your CallCentric account.

Please note, 253 is the default area code for your local US phone number but this doesn’t stop you from choosing another one from the drop-down. In this guide,I think I will go about using 425.

Step 5: In barley sixty seconds, you should receive an email sent by presenting details of your new local phone number. Please don’t hurriedly discard this email as it would still be handful in the configuration of the SIP client.

Step 6: Now at this stage, it is safe to say you have a US phone number now, but it is not yet safe to say it is activated. Let us do this now.

6a. Install after downloading Express Talk on your computer. I confidently feel the trial version is appropriately fitting for our task. Ensure you don’t make am installation of any of the “optional components” which could be toolbars, etc. in course of the setup.

6b. In the installation process, select the default options for every wizard screens. Choose “Yes, I already have a SIP account” when you are on “SIP Setup,” after that click Next. From the Step 4, fill in the SIP details. Then round up the setup.

6c. At the completion of the setup is complete, roll back to your My CallCentric page, on getting there refresh it. By now, you should be seeing a notification denoting – “your phone is registered.” If you have followed us correctly.

If you choose, you possibly could grab a SIP VoIP client for your mobile phone and then proceed with the configuration with your fresh CallCentric /ipKall number.

Below are the pictorial representation of these steps outlined above.

A free US phone number

A free US phone number

A free US phone number

A free US phone number

A free US phone number
A free US phone number

A free US phone number

A free US phone number

Did I hear someone say AWOOF again?


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