Facebook is bringing live video streaming to Android see here>>>


 Company plans to make expansion to its broadcasting feature within the next seven days

Facebook is planning big time to extend its live video streaming service to Android phones in the space of a week from now according to releases by the company.

With the arrangement in place, the Android rollout will be initiated with users in the US first, this will now go on to be expanded globally reaching to other countries including ours Nigeria here.

The Facebook Live feature, which gives users the capacity to broadcast live video via means of the company’s flagship mobile app, got its first launch on iOS in the US. Moving on to present day, its availability spans across over 30 countries, and Facebook reveals its intents to it plans to throw the door open on it to new markets “within the coming weeks.”

Live video has been understandably being a major emphasis for Facebook in months of late as it hopes to increase the expanse of its News Feed so as to encompass more real-time content.

Facebook is bringing live video streaming to Android

By means of a post making public the Android rollout announcement, Facebook reveals the average time its users get to spend in the course of watching live video is three times in length of time compared to that when the video isn’t live. And then of those watching live content via Facebook Live, over 50 percent happens to be Android users.


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