Money is not Gold by Pastor T.T Edun
Money is not Gold, Naira, Pounds, Dollar, Euro but money is anything that has a purchasing power. If you are thinking of been rich with a currency then you have a problem.

There are things money can’t buy but favour Can.

Authority is Money. Favour is Money. Grace is Money. Faith is Money. It is what has purchasing power.

In the times you are in a Peculiar situations, life is making a request of you, what will be your response?

In life if you want to be successful through Gods way you must go through fights. Be bold and Courageous. Fight a Good fight of Faith!

When God said to Joshua to be bold and Courageous, there was a tendency that Joshua would fear but God kept on Saying my son be bold and Courageous. “No fear No fear”

When you declare about a car, its not the money you need for the car you are declaring for but the car because you might get it for free. Don’t look towards the money

Authority can be legal in you but not vitalized in you

You get Authority when God gives it to you, what do you do with what God has given to you?

Never be comfortable with what your money can buy. Go for things your mouth can buy. Put Authority in your words ~ Pastor T.T Edun

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