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Tekno not quite long i got this update online and its a very nice one from Tekno. Listen and Enjoy! “Folake Give me Love o… Baby Pana”


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See Leaked Whatsapp Chat with a Notorious Lagos ‘Runs Girl’ who charges N35k for 3 rounds and a suck (Photos)

The administration of President Muhammadu Buhari has witnessed a disturbing inflation rate of 16.5% according to the National Bureau of Statistics report for July, 2016 which has further impoverished the masses he was voted to give a glimpse of hope and survival.

Apparently, this inflation has also affected the “Olosho Market”. Lol

Below is a Whatsapp chat between a prospective client and an online prostitute based in Lagos State made available exclusively to Tori News:












In a survey through the participant observation method conducted in Festac Town area of Lagos as well as on trending social media platforms, startling details showed s*x prices have suffered about 60 to 100% increment with the key players blaming the Buhari administration for the towering hike.

Some ‘regular’ commercial sx workers around 1st and 6th avenues in Festac charge up to N4,000 to N5,000 for a ‘short time’ package which is for only one round. The former basic price for such pleasure service around December, 2015 was N2,000 or N3,000 depending on the beauty, body structure and taste of the sx worker in question.

An all-night affair either in a hotel or a personal apartment will cost a whooping sum of N10,000 to N15,000 and even N20,000 with the basic ‘street’ terms and conditions in application.

This service before the doomed fate of the naira and the current inflationary trend ranged from N5,000 to N7,000. The s*x workers have also being so vicious and strict during negotiations compared to the friendly and appealing antics put up in the past which could be adduced to the level of discombobulation faced under the technical recession being experienced in the country.

The online market seems to have witnessed massive deregulation like the oil sector in the country. Social media platforms like, app,,, Instagram and a host of others have been saturated colossally by bleaching ladies scantily-clad to send encrypted business messages to potential customers.

The ones with conspicuous natural endowments such as pawpaw-like boobs and gargantuan bums have a field day displaying their merchandise with men trooping in for the pleasure business.

A concerted study on the application (insta chat) which is a messenger app for people in the Instagram community revealed pleasure sessions have gone up to N30,000 to N35,000 in a venture that didn’t cost more than N7,000 to N10,000 in the past. Most of these ladies adamantly defend their price tags which they term ‘non negotiable’.

Some ladies due to low patronage during the week days which are taken earnestly in Lagos volunteered to take as low as N10,000 to N12,000 for a short time package of simply two rounds during the day.

Coughing up these sums for money for low income earners especially in Lagos where just over 20% of the working population earn over N100,000 as monthly salaries has been excruciatingly inconvenient against the backdrop of a compelling s*xual urge which could be herculean to regulate among randy men.

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“I Have Been Sleeping In Graves For 30 Years To Get Powers” – Ghanaian Man


Philip Mensah, is a 40-year-old man from the New Juaben Municipality of the Eastern Region of Ghana who has shocked people with his bizarre lifestyle.

The man revealed that he has spent 30 years with the dead in their damaged tombs, and according to him, he is taking all that step so as to gain spiritual powers.

A report on Adom News reveals that Mr. Mensah made the claim during an interview with Brty Fm, a Koforidua-based radio station.

In an interview, he revealed that in his quest to become spiritually powerful, he ended up under the tutelage of Togbe Azakli, a spiritualist at Anum Boso in the region, who ordered him to vacate his original place of abode to the broken tomb.

He disclosed that “my desire is to gain powers that will enable me to discover hidden secrets like how to tell when one will die, one’s future, how to retrieve stolen items, how to make spiritual money, among many others, made me pay heed to the advice of Togbe Azakli who directed me to spend time with the dead in their broken tombs to gain the spiritual powers that I have been wishing for over the past years.”

According to him, he successfully completed his stay with the dead in the tombs but landed into trouble after the ritual ceremony.

He said he has become addicted to sleeping in broken tombs ever since he completed his spiritual assignment.

Explaining further, Mr Mensah stated that though he attained the enormous powers, he has also cultivated a negative attitude that is negatively affecting his life.

“I cannot spend even two hours of my life without visiting a cemetery. I battle with different spirits, but I do not suffer any spiritual attack whenever I stay in my new home- cemetery.

“Life has become unbearable for me because I cannot even stay with the living and make money out of the powers I have. All efforts to stop this behaviour have proved futile. I am now living the life of the dead. I advise everybody to be cautious when it comes to issues of spiritualism, especially those that are not related to God.”


Must See Photos: Is There Anything Wrong With A Mother Kissing Her Daughter Like This On Her Wedding Day? See More Here>>>>>>>>>>>>

So, this photo of a mother and daughter kissing was posted on Instagram by Tosweddings and it has generated some reactions.

Photos Courtesy Glitterati Photography Lagos, Nigeria and tell us what you think… Drop your reactions below

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CBN to stop dud cheque issuers from operating current account

Oyetunji Abioye

The Central Bank of Nigeria is in the process of stopping issuers of dud cheques (returned cheques) from opening current account, the Deputy Director, Banking Supervision, CBN, Mr. Stephen Nwadiuko, has said.

He said the CBN was working on the credit bureaus in the country to build a data base that would reveal bank customers who issued dud cheques three times within a specified period and barred from operating current accounts.

Nwadiuko spoke in Lagos on Wednesday during the third National Credit Reporting Conference.

He said, “The CBN is working with the credit bureaus so that a data base is built to identify bank customers who have issued dud cheques for three times in a given period. There is the Dud Cheque Act of 1977, which provides for the prosecution of issuers of dud cheques.

“But since nothing has been done with that document, the CBN is trying to do something within its own powers that will stop customers who are fond of issuing cheques on unfunded bank accounts.”

Earlier, the Governor, CBN, Mr. Godwin Emefiele, who declared the conference open, had said the CBN would support credit bureaux to enhance credit and economic growth.

Emefiele, who was represented by the Branch Controller, CBN Lagos, Mr. James Iyari, said, “The CBN has recently approved the payment of one-off sign on fees with credit bureaux for all the microfinance banks and other micro financial institutions licensed by the CBN in order to support effective use of the infrastructure provided by the private credit bureaux with a view to deepening the subsector.

“The credit bureaux have been recording steady increase in the number of registered borrowers. From a mere 78,189 in December 2010, the total number grew to 18,640,000 in June 2012. The number as of 30 June, 2016 stood at 33, 456, 922.  I want to commend the bureau operators for this feat and charge them not to rest on their oars as we still have more grounds to cover if we must have a robust credit reporting system in Nigeria.”

Emefiele said the CBN in collaboration with the IFC had continued to provide training to operators and regulators in order to build capacity in the credit reporting industry.

The Chairman, CBAN, Mrs. Jameelah Sharrieff-Ayedun,  who is also the Managing Director of CreditRegistry Services, in her welcome address, expressed optimism that the contribution of the credit bureau segment of the financial services sector would  have immense impact on the growth of the economy.

She said, “I strongly believe we will consolidate on past successes, enhance the promotion of regulations and policies that will improve access to credit, deepen our strategic business ties and grow the credit bureau segment, financial services sector and Nigeria will get better for it.

The Chairman, Senate Committee on Banking, Insurance and other financial Institutions, Senator Rafiu Ibrahim, while answering questions on the sidelines of the conference, applauded the contributions of credit bureaus in the country,  especially in the area of identity management.


Naira tumbles to 402 on dollar scarcity

Oyetunji Abioye with agency report

The naira tumbled to 402 at the parallel market on Wednesday, a day after the Central Bank of Nigeria banned nine banks from the foreign exchange market over their failure to remit $2.334bn to the Federal Government’s Treasury Single Account domiciled with the Central Bank of Nigeria.

The local currency had closed at 397/dollar on Tuesday.

At the interbank market, the naira closed at 315.93/dollar, lower than 305.5 it recorded on Tuesday.

The naira, which hit a fresh record low since the CBN floated the currency on the official interbank market in June, first touched 400/dollar at the black market this month.

On the interbank market on Wednesday, no trades were posted until three minutes before the end of the session, when the CBN which has been reducing its dollar sales, intervened, Reuters reported quoting traders.

Only three deals worth $0.75m were traded at 305.50 per dollar, a level the market has closed at since Monday. The naira had hit an all-time low of 365.25 per dollar on the interbank on Thursday

The overnight naira interbank lending rate stayed ultra-high on Friday, quadrupling from 6.26 per cent since Wednesday as the Central Bank of Nigeria took steps in the debt and currency markets to try to prop up the ailing local currency.

The CBN sold dollars on Thursday and Friday, traders said. It also sold about N236bn ($776m) of open market operations treasury bills on Thursday, which sent the banking system into a deficit of around N39bn on Friday.

Traders said interbank rates should ease this week when part of July’s budget allocation should enter the banking system.

The Federal Government distributes revenue from crude exports every month among its 36 states, and local and federal administrations.




Meet Burna Boy’s Super Hot Sister, Nissi Who Is Just As Talented As Her Brother (Photos) See More Here>>>>>>>

Who knew that Burna Boy had a sister this hot?
We came across the beautiful and talented, Nissi, who is Burna Boy’s 22-year old London-based sister who’s an artist, lyricist, and painter. She is set to join Nigeria’s entertainment industry. She is also the granddaughter of veteran music commentator/supporter, Benson Idonije.
She as of now has her introduction single out, it is titled “Pay Attention”.

“S*x WIth Him Was Hot But His Male Parts Don’t Match” – Jady Duarte, Usain Bolt’s 20 Year Old Rio Lover Says


20 year old student lady, Jady Duarte, who shared photos of Olympian, Usain Bolt getting cozy with and kissing her in bed while in Rio during his birthday celebrations, has newly disclosed that the athlete “wooed” her after flashing his toned muscles and six packs but that ‘down there’ he’s not really as endowed as everyone thinks.

She revealed that he doesn’t speak Portuguese, so he had to use google translate to communicate with her and whisked her into his hotel room in the games village using a team bus.

According to her, they allegedly made love in a small single bed, while listening to Rihanna’s ‘Work work’ and the sex reportedly lasted over two one-hour sessions.

According to Jady, they met in Rio’s upmarket club All In, and Bolt made his way over to her group of friends, before he flashed his impressive six-pack.

“He was stood in front of us and suddenly he pulled up his shirt and showed us his six pack,” Jady, Mother of two told Mail Online. “I had never seen anything like it. I just had to reach out and stroke it.”


Bolt then reportedly asked his bodyguard to invite her over to join him, and while she was hesitant at first, she eventually met him again at the end of the night.

‘He’s dark, tall, muscly – just my type – but there were so many beautiful girls there I never imagined I would be the one. The bodyguard said Bolt wants you to come over. I didn’t go at first because I was playing hard to get. Most girls would go over there like a shot but I wanted to make him work. When I was waiting in line to pay at the end of the night he sent the bodyguard over again. He said “why are you not following him? This is Usain Bolt”.

jady duarte

But the pair bypassed security by hopping on to an official bus that was quickly waved through the gates.

‘They never asked me for any sort of pass or my ID,’ said the young Brazilian beauty. They didn’t even question him, I guess, because he’s Bolt. We had two other guys with us and I think they were athletes because they also had muscly, fit bodies.I was surprised that he didn’t take me to an expensive hotel but I didn’t pay much attention because we were kissing the entire way.

‘The room was tidy but he had two single beds and they were so small that his feet must have been poking out the end when he slept.’
‘It was mainly just small talk and him telling me how beautiful I was,’ she said. ‘We used Google but I didn’t need a translator to tell me that he wanted sex.

“Finally we were waiting in line for a taxi and he smiled at me and did the famous victory pose so I was in no doubt who he was,” she added. “That’s was when I decided it was time to give in to him. He pulled me into the taxi and gave me an incredible kiss. It was very passionate and hot – we were devouring one another. He has the body of a champion although his male parts do not match – he is just like a regular guy,” she claimed.

jady duarte2

She claims Bolt then gave her a 100 Euro bank note to get a taxi, and promised to call her to arrange another date during the Paralympics.

“I really thought we had something going, But now I can see that he picks up women as quickly as he picks up gold medals. I knew who he was from TV. My mother has been screaming during all his races because she’s such a huge fan,’

jady duarte4

Culled from Daily Mail.

You’re Not A Real Couple Until You Know These 50 Things About Each Other.


So a source claims that for you and your partner to call yourselves a bonafide couple, you both must know these 50 things about each other.

  1. When they need a hug, but won’t ask for one.
  2. Their genuine laugh when they think something is actually HILARIOUS.
  3. Their fake laugh when they’re trying to be nice when someone else is trying to be funny.
  4. Things that make them feel really awkward.
  5. What type of affection they respond to best, aka their love language.
  6. How they act when they say they’re okay, but they’re actually not.
  7. What they would or would never wear (their personal aesthetic/style).
  8. Their go-to drunk food.
  9. Their hangover cure.
  10. How they act when they’re (secretly) unhappy.
  11. Where they’re ticklish.
  12. The type of compliments they love to hear.
  13. The type of compliments they don’t believe.
  14. Which friend they tell EVERYTHING to (because you’re basically dating that person too).
  15. Which family member they love the most
  16. Their go-to drink at any bar or restaurant.
  17. How to make them smile when they’re sad.
  18. Movies that make them cry every single time.
  19. How they act when they’re (secretly) uncomfortable.
  20. Things they have weird obsessions with, Harry Potter, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, math.
  21. The smile they use when they’re not really smiling on the inside.
  22. Memorable childhood moments.
  23. The toppings they like on their pizza.
  24. Nicknames they like to pretend make them cringe, but they secretly love when you say them.
  25. How they act when they’re horny.
  26. Turn ons and offs.
  27. Their favorite sex toy.
  28. Their favorite sex position
  29. Their favorite piece of clothing on you that they wish you wore more often.
  30. Things that make them extremely frustrated.
  31. The one celebrity they’d make out with if you gave them permission (even though they’ll probably never meet them anyway, and this said celebrity most likely wouldn’t want to make out with them even if they did).
  32. The type of gifts they like (some people are sincere when they say it’s the thought that counts, some people aren’t).
  33. The type of gift to get them to say ‘I’m sorry.’
  34. Their favorite physical quality about themselves, so you can compliment it constantly (at moments of insecurity).
  35. Their pet peeve(s).
  36. When to stop arguing with them (so they don’t emotionally shut you out).
  37. Things that make them emotionally shut down.
  38. What side of the bed they prefer.
  39. What kind of pillow they prefer.
  40. The games/sports they hate to lose. So you can excuse them for being a sore loser when you beat them at it.
  41. Which friends they secretly hate (this also includes your friends, not just their’s).
  42. Their biggest dream, goal, or aspiration in life.
  43. Their worst fear/nightmare.
  44. If they’re a dog or cat person, or they hate animals in general.
  45. How they like to wake up in the morning.
  46. How they act when they need their space.
  47. How they are around children.
  48. How they feel about children.
  49. How they act when they’re (secretly) embarrassed.
  50. When they need to hear, ‘I love you.’

Source: Thought Catalog