Dancer, Kaffy Hits Back At Fans Condemning Her For Sharing Nude Photo Of Herself. see photo here>>>



kaffy nude

Professional dancer and mother of two, Kaffy Shafau-Ameh shared a virtually nude photo of herself on IG last night taking time out to appreciate her body.

She captioned the photo, which was shot by Kelechi Amadi-Obi, with words:

“My body is my art. My canvas. My paintbrush. My instrument of expression. #Beinspired #fitmom#dancemom #dancetrepenuer Be Happy In You!!! @kelechiamadiobi thanks for this! Inspired by@alibabagcfr : I celebrate this body as its a testimony of God’s ingenuity . A production factory . An abode for passion. A chamber for motherhood . A masterpiece.”
Majority of her followers found her action distasteful as they took to the comment section to air their displeasure with with one commenting:

‘Stop this body art inspirational BS! If you want to show off your body on social media do so without attaching some misleading higher purpose to it. You were inspiration enough with your clothes on.’

The dancer however, wasted no time in responding to her critics as wrote the words below:

kaffy nude1


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