7 Nollywood Movie Set Accidents You Probably Didn’t Have A Clue About.


As they do everything in the power to bring us the best of the best entertainment, we may not realize but these entertainers tend to suffer some domestic accidents while cooking up an entertaining piece for us viewers.

These accidents, causes the production of the piece to either be put on hold or are so minute that it doesn’t really affect it.

We bring to you a list of some of our Nigerian entertainers who have gone through tough times on a movie set, just bring the best out of entertainment for their viewers.

1. Funky Mallam

funky malam

While shooting just last year, 2015, the actor was hospitalized for food poisoning. He took to his Instagram page to share a photo of himself on a hospital bed with the caption:

“#HazardWeFaceAtWork #Hospital #FoodPoison #HighFever #GettingBetter #NaGodWin #Alhamdulillah”.

2. Samuel Robinson

samuel robby

On the set of the 2016 movie “8 Bars and a Clef” the young actor twisted his ankle while performing an intense scene. According to him:

“I twisted my ankle performing an intense scene and was incapacitated for a few days. It was a very intense project and I literally sweat, bled and cried for this movie,”

3. Denrele Edun


The controversial TV personality, while filming the movie “Pepper Soup” fell and got a deep cut above his right eye.

All in a bid to make my acting more convincing, I was supposed to drop into a faint in the very first scene of the movie “PEPPER SOUP” but I guess I miscalculated and fell hard on a metallic object on the floor that pierced my face” he said after accident

4. Olaniyi “Sanyeri” Afonja.


The actor who gifted his wife recently with a brand new car, injured himself while performing a stunt on set of his new movie “Asiwaju.”

“The character I was playing had to climb the roof of a house because he had some spiritual problems. When the landlord of the house realised that someone was on his roof, he called the police and while avoiding arrest, the character had to jump off the roof of the house,” the actor said.
“That was how I broke my leg and the doctors said that the cast would be on my leg for a month.”

5. Emma Ehumadu


The Nollywood actor got himself injured two years ago, 2014 while filming a robbery scene alongside Jim Iyke. The actor crashed his head from a fall

6. Uche Jombo


The stunning actress and mother of one, suffered an accident while on the set of the 2012 movie, “Ikenna.” She dislocated a bone while preparing to film a scene.

7. Femi Adebayo

femi adebayo

The Yoruba movie sensation with a host of his production crew, were attacked by suspected hoodlums while shooting a movie in Ilorin, Kwara State in 2014


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