Is The Use Of Sex Toys A Sin Or Not?!

This question popped up in my head (not that I was thinking of it, I just came across an ad straight face) earlier this afternoon and I asked co-blogger, Daniel, dude didn’t even know what to answer, which is why I decided to bring it to you guys.

Do you feel the use of sex toys is a sin or not?! – Consider these, as a guy, using a sex toy lessens your emotional woes; you having to worry about giving a lady an unwanted pregnancy, you having to worry whether or not you’re pleasurable to the lady, if you’re endowed sexually enough (I mean in terms of size and all) and many more that are attributed to love making.

On one hand, you know just using a sex toy wouldn’t give you that feel a real woman would when you’re getting down but on the other hand, you get an ounce of satisfaction without having to worry about anything!

Same applies to the ladies too, you can purchase any size of dildo you feel okay for you – you also would worry less whether or not you’re pleasurable, chances of having an unwanted pregnancy is a 100% low, you won’t have to worry about the width of your reproductive organ and many other things that decreases people’s sexual esteem.



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