Adorable pre-wedding photos of a plus-size lady trying to catch her man


Come 29th of This Month October, Besty will be tying the knot with her husband-to-be in a lavish wedding ceremony where Jollof Rice will be in abundance.

The plus-sized bride despite heavy criticims has vowed to always be there for her man, by catching him whenever he falls thus the pre-wedding photos to prove it. (below)


The beautiful couple who are from Edo state shared the pics on their Instagram pages and shared their love story with PreweddingNaija. Besty said:

THE LOVE STORY… @blinkies1 ‎& @anoqia. .

We met in EDO state 2009 & we started dating in November 2010, this year will will make it 6yrs of dating.. it has not been all that smooth & rosey but God kept us together, there is actually no perfect relationship..

Every relationship has its up and down, & mine wasn’t all dat different but I give God all d glory.
My proposal was an interesting proposal because it was very shocking,surprising & overwhelming. Le boo, proposed in a fuel station. We went to get fuel for d car & the next thing I heard was! TREASURE as He fondly call me, “Pls come to the back of d car” I think something is wrong” then I came down from the car and went to meet him kneeling down with a ring!

I was shocked, didn’t expect it to be at a fuel station at the same time I was shy cos of passerby. Le boo, pooped d question “Will you share the rest of my Life with me?‎” I ran out of words immediately, all I could do was to breath faster than normal, after catching my breathe I said “Yes I will”.

Everyone was clapping nd congratulating us, I was so happy. I felt dis great joy knowing I will be marrying my better half, my partner in crime, my treasure, my love, the only Guy that loves me the way I am, He cherish His plus size Bride. I give God all d glory, it’s been God all these years! #BestGreat16





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