NEWS:Listen Up Guys! Here Are 5 Naughty Actions Every Woman Wants from Her Man in Bed>>>>>>>

Deep inside, no woman wants a man who just jumps into bed and pulls out his p*nis, because s*x for woman is a mental and physical process.

Smiling couple laying on bed

You must be willing to go the extra mile, if at all you want her to put up a good performance for you and also enjoy herself.

Women want as much from s*x as men want – orgasmic experience. Unfortunately, the average man only thinks about himself so the women are short-changed – and many of them don’t complain because they don’t want to expose the bad girl inside them.

Deep inside, no woman wants a man who just jumps into bed and pulls out his penis, because sex for woman is a mental and physical process.

You must be willing to go the extra mile, if at all you want her to put up a good performance for you and also enjoy herself.


Here are 5 things she actually wants:

(1) Use your tongue on her body – your tongue has a lot of roles to perform when it comes to s*x. The average woman wants you to love her body with your hands, your p*nis and your tongue. If you really appreciate her body, why not eat it up – kiss, bite, suck, and nibble on her shoulders, upper back, indentation of her lower back and the v*gina itself. Just tongue her to orgasm.

(2) Speak ‘lies’ and truths into her ears – women do not want mute men in bed. No, you have to say something. Tell her how excited you are, how you like the wetness of her v*gina, how her breasts feel in your hands and how her tongue tastes in your mouth. She wants to hear you say you’re having the best time of your life.


(3) Make her inner thighs burn – women love to get some loving on their thighs because the skin on there is as sensitive as it is smooth. Whether you use your palm or your tongue, just make sure you pay some attention to them and she’ll get all excited and prepped for hot s*x.

(4) Make her butt and boobs your toy – those round things are not meant for decorations bro! She wants you to put her breasts and her boobs to work by pressing them when you have s*x. Grab them and squeeze, like a sensual massage! It’s all part of the s*x!


(5) Go down under and eat the pie – yes, she may not be bold enough to ask you to eat her salad, but almost every woman is hoping that the man will use his common sense and eat her. Women are more likely to get an orgasm through direct stimulation of their v*gina, especially via oral, than through real s*x.

So are you ready to be the man who brings their s*x fantasies to life?

Go do it!


NEWS:Checkout Rihanna’s outfit to Footwear News Achievement awards (Photos)>>>>>>

The 28 year old pop star’s outfit to Footwear News Achievement awards, held in New York, got a lot of attention.







Rihanna who chose to go to the event bra-less, wore a clingy, sheer top which showed her boobs,

coupled with a matching baseball cap with a white slogan which read ‘securite’, Fenty Puma sneakers, a huge a diamond choker necklace and matching earrings.

Happy Last Day of the Month (November)

If u believe it. Please say AMEN AND SO SHALL IT
Happy new month in advance.

NEWS:Is This Unseen Interpretation Of Toke Makinwa’s Dress To Her Book Launch. (Photo)>>>>>>>>


Heavy criticism followed the author, over the dress she donned to her book launch this past weekend… one can’t simply overlook that of controversial journalist who dubbed the outfit in an open letter as “slutty and inappropriate“.

But in a new development, some people have taken an in-depth look at the dress and have read meaning to it and it kind of makes much sense now (I think it does).

Let’s take a look at what these people have to say below:





NEWS:Is PMB Having Second Thoughts About His Daughter, Zahra’s Wedding To Billionaire, Indimi?


So according to a new report, it seems the head of states, is at cross roads about his 21-year-old daughter, Zahra‘s wedding to billionaire, Indimi.

Reports of the wedding has been the talk of many tongues over the past few weeks since it was disclosed, with photos of her expensive wedding gifts from her soon-to-be husband.

But it looks like the president will not be having any of these eccentricities. A report by Daily Correspondents, gives us key details on the whole issue.

Read below:

“The wedding ceremony of Zahra, daughter of Nigeria’s president Buhari to son of billionaire businessman, Mohammed Indimi, scheduled for December 4, 2016, has been put on hold indefinitely, Daily Correspondents can authoritatively reveal.

The postponement, Daily Correspondents learned, was on the insistence of President Muhammadu Buhari, who, according to a source close to the two families, was uncomfortable with the attention his daughter’s wedding has received in the media, particularly with news of customised wedding boxes as gifts to Zahra costing a whopping N44m.

An introduction ceremony between both families had earlier held at the Aso Villa, Abuja on Friday, November 18, but the wedding programme itself scheduled between Wednesday 30th November and Sunday 4th December, 2016, is supposed to be on a low-key celebration as the President desires it to be a simple and an intimate ceremony to be attended by only close family and friends.

“But the whole media attention has changed everything now and the President is not happy,” our source said.

Aside that, it was also gathered that the President who has ordered that a security check be conducted on Ahmed and his source of stupendous wealth, is also not comfortable with the groom’s father, Alhaji Mohammed Indimi’s perceived closeness to ex-President Ibrahim Badamosi Babangida, IBB.

Former President Ibrahim Babangida is believed to be a long time godfather of billionaire Mohammed Indimi, more so the former President was against the emergence of Buhari in 2015.

Our source further said President Buhari who had such information at his disposal before consenting to the marriage may have been prevailed upon by his closest political allies to have a rethink on giving out his daughter to the Indimis.

It is however “very unlikely that President Buhari may give his go ahead for the wedding in the near future,” our source concluded.

NEWS:World’s oldest person celebrates her 117th birthday>>>>>>


Italy’s Emma Morano, the world’s oldest living person, marked her 117th birthday today, blowing out all the candles on her cake.

Beaming at the attention, Morano took in the festivities for her milestone celebration sitting in an armchair in her one-room apartment in the northern town of Verbania, joined by her two elderly nieces, a pair of caregivers and her long-time physician.

She received a greeting from Italy’s president, read by an official, wishing her “serenity and good healthy,” and appeared for a brief live broadcast on state-run television. She happily accepted some gifts, including her favorite cookies, which she ate with some milk.

Then she blew out the candles on her cake – not one for every year, but three numerals to show her age, 117 – and quipped: “I hope I don’t have to cut it!”

To the assembled well-wishers, Morano said, “I am happy to turn 117,” and drew encouragement from her physician, Dr. Carlo Bava.

“Who would have said it?!” the doctor remarked. “When you were young everyone used to say you were weak and sick.”

“Yes, yes,” she responded.

Happy birthday to her plus she has outlived all her seven siblings despite being the first child.

NEWS:NYSC 2016 Batch B corps member dies in orientation camp in Kano State (photo)>>>>>>>

A beautiful girl has lost her life in a mysterious manner after falling sick at the Kano State NYSC orientation camp.



A young and beautiful National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) member identified as Ifedolapo has died at the orientation camp in Kano.

The information was revealed by a Facebook user, Emeka Stefano Ekwe who said that the lady had been sick but was refused treatment simply because camp officials thought she had been pretending.

Sadly, her condition got worse and she passed away before help could come.


Emeka wrote on Facebook: “So this girl died in Kano camp due to negligence. They assumed she was pretending to be sick in order to dodge parade, so they refused to treat her until the situation got complicated. When will Nigeria grow? RIP Ifedolapo.”

NEWS:Here is why NCC asked Telcos to raise price of their data tariffs>>>>>>>>


The Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) has directed mobile telephone operators in the country to jerk up data tariffs with effect from December 1.

In a letter to the big operators, NCC said: “The Commission has carefully reviewed all submissions and hereby make the following Determinations: the interim price floor for Data Services is No.90k/MB for big operators. .

This rate will subsist pending the finalisation of the study on the Determination of Cost Based Pricing for Retail Broadband and Data Services in Nigeria; in order to promote a level playing field for all operators in the industry, encourage small operators and new entrant to acquire market share and operate profitably. .

Small operators and new entrants are hereby exempted from price floor for data services; for avoidance of doubt, a small operator is one that has less than 7.5% of market share and a new entrant is an operator that has operated less than three years in the market.”

NCC is of the opinion that without a price floor, the dominant operators can engage in predatory pricing to drive down other operators, meaning the industry could be moving towards a monopoly.

A senior NCC official told TheCable that CDMA operators – such as Multilinks and Starcomms – were muscled out of the by the Big Four because of their market power.

“At the rate they are crashing data tariffs, there is every chance that they will soon kill all the small operators and new entrants. Part of the functions and duties of NCC is to check monopolistic and oligopolistic behaviours in the telecom market,” the official said.

Globacom currently charges 21k/MB apparently because of the economies of scale advantage, compared to Smile which charges 84k/MB, in order to break even.

Under the new tariff regime, Smile can continue to charge 84k but Glo will have to move up to 90k/MB – a 328% increase.


NEWS:Checkout Mind-blowing photos of this Curvaceous Medical Student>>>>>>>>

She looks more like a video vixen than a medical student, right? Her name is Mindy and she is a student at the University at Buffalo Medical School. Her instagram page is hot!








She looks more like a video vixen than a medical student, right? Her name is Mindy and she is a student at the University at Buffalo Medical School. Her instagram page is hot!

NEWS:White House unveils the Obamas’ last holiday decorations (Photos)>>>>>>>>

This year’s decorations at the White House have the theme “The Gift of the Holidays.” It will be the 44th US President, Barack Obama and his family’s last Christmas at the White House in Washington, DC.

00-1 0-2











This year’s decorations at the White House have the theme “The Gift of the Holidays.” It will be the 44th US President, Barack Obama and his family’s last Christmas at the White House in Washington, DC.