Read More Here :3 orgasms per week will boost a woman’s self esteem, says sexpert

Andrea Pennington, a sexpert and American physician, has advised women to have a minimum of three orgasms every week.

Pennington said regular orgasms help women reduce stress, boost self esteem and to maintain a happy relationship.

The sexpert said this on Monday when she appeared on ITV’s This Morning show to speak on her new book, ‘The Orgasm Prescription For Women’.

Pennington noted that many women are unable to have an orgasm because they are distracted and/or worried.

“She needs to be mentally turned on. If in her head she is worried about what she didn’t finish today or what will the kids eat tomorrow or how she looks and smells and tastes then it will be much harder. Things going on in a woman’s mind can stop her reaching the big O.
She said orgasm is important to women as it aids in “personal empowerment, self acceptance and self love”.

“Women should be having three orgasms a week as a minimum. The benefits are numerous – stress relief from depression and anxiety, it makes us nicer, and it’s a pain reliever.

“For me as a physician, if a women is not achieving orgasm, or she doesn’t have any interest in sex, that could be a sign of something else going wrong. Such as diabetes or high blood pressure, or other serious concerns,” Andrea explained.

“Normally hormones are the reason you can’t orgasm if you are trying, as the body loses testosterone as we age – but if it isn’t due to hormones, then get your blood pressure checked.”


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