READ MORE HERE:Concerned Parents Plead For Help As Their Obese Children “Eat Themselves To Death”.>>>>>>>>>>>


Three siblings are eating themselves to death, their parents fear, because of a mysterious disorder which means they never feel full.

Anxious Rameshbhai and Pragnaben Nandwana are struggling to handle their overweight children, and say they are powerless to stop them from eating.


When the children were born, their parents, from Gujarat in India, did not spot anything out of the ordinary.

But once the siblings started eating solid foods they realized that something was not right. Four-year-old-daughter Amisha’s weight is particularly alarming – she weighs 51 kilos, three times more than an average child her age.


Her older sister, Yogita, weighs in at 33.5 kilos – which is a third heavier than she should be at the age of five – while brother Harsh already weighs 16 kilos at 18 months old, Daily Mail reports.


As a result of the health problems caused by excessive eating, all three suffer breathing problems, even in their sleep. Their weight is increasing at an alarming rate, although their fourth child, Bhavika, is a healthy size.




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