READ MORE HERE:“Burna Boy, Your Fada!” – Nigerian Guys Slams Burna Boy For Stealing His Art Work.>>>>>>>>>>>>>>


So our dauntless Burna Boy seems to be in the news again as a graphic designer took to Twitter to put the music star on full blast after he allegedly used his art work without payment.

According to Chukwubuikem, the singer’s management approached his brother & his company to do full stage art work for them to use for @essencefest in Durban, after the concept document & bill was prepared & sent to the singer, his management stopped picking phone calls & replying emails.

Next thing they saw, an inverted version of the image was used as the singer’s Instagram photograph. Not only that, the artiste & his management blew up the image and used it as the stage mural for his performance in @essencefest Durban. Chukwubuikem is now seeking justice.

Follow the thread below:










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