NEWS:American rapper, Birdman Gets a $2million Gold Toilet in His Lavish New Mansion (Photos)>>>>>>>>

Birdman, Lil Wayne’s mentor and boss of Cash Money has share photos from his luxury home. The most impressive part of the clip was the sparkling, pure gold $2 million dollar toilet.

birdman-gold-toilet-2 birdman-solid-gold-toilet

They don’t call him the No. 1 Stunna for nothing. American rapper, record producer, and entrepreneur, Bryan Williams, known by his stage name as Birdman or Baby, has shown off video footage of his humble abode which comes complete with a golden toilet, yes…a golden toilet worth $2million!

The co-founder and public face of Cash Money Records, is seen showing his fancy toilet to his Rich Gang artist, BYT Youngin. A quick scan of the bathroom reveals a gleaming golden commode, with an automatic lifting seat.

“Straight gold nigga,” the Cash Money CEO says, while his visitors gush over the stuntastic acquisition.


“Rich Gang, it’s no way a nigga could make this shit up, dawg,” exclaims BYT. “I said, I aint gon’ do it twice, so when I do it Ima give it to ’em,” explains Birdman.

The music mogul has never been afraid to spend a check and get it right back. Like spending stupid amounts of cash on exotic whips and immaculate mansions.


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