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The Great Conqueror Episode One

Richard’s house is a duplex with fully fitted AC in all rooms. Daniel  recognised Richard’s house with the hardie plank at the entrance, everything has changed. He met security guards at the gate and told them he wanted to visit his younger brother Richard.

The security guard told Daniel that his boss wasn’t available, he went to church.  Daniel was offered a seat at the gate.

Richard didn’t come back until afternoon. As he saw his brother at the gate, he was elated but was mad at the security man for keeping his brother at the gate


Richard embraced his brother, he kissed him passionately. Richard was really happy to see his brother after a long time.

Richard instructed his chef to prepare a special delicacy for his brother.

Daniel didn’t say a word until he sat in Richard’s living room, he was really tired.

‘I need a cup of water’ he said tiredly

The chef offered him a cup of water. He also served him with royal cookies

‘’This is  paradise,’’ Daniel said with grin

‘’You are in a village my brother, no infrastructure, no basic amenities but there is abundant food here and the soil is fertile, that why I ventured into Agriculture.’’ Richard replied

‘’I saw majestic pine trees, olive trees and cranberry farms as I was trekking to your house. The villagers are really working. The land is green, green, green…….i can see it,’’ Daniel said repeatedly

‘’Our Father (Bishop Dadamoh of Blessed Memories) said you will be like a tree firmly planted by streams of water, which yields its fruit in its season and its leaf does not wither; and in whatever you do, you will prosper. Glory be to God in the highest’’   Daniel continued

In fact I remembered what he told me those days that ‘’he that would have the fruit must climb the tree, I have been motivated by this fact’’ Richard replied

Hmmmm, I would like to take a shower and relax now

Richard instructed his maid to wash his legs, prepare a mild bath for his brother as he went to his room for Bible study.


Daniel slept like a baby land woke up hale and hearty. He did his devotion and commune with God wholeheartedly. The devotional for the day was ‘’Direct my path oh lord’’ Daniel prayed and worshipped God heartily because he has been seeking God’s direction as regard a good wife. Daniel’s wife died two years ago,  he is really lonely. He believed God’s word for the day is a confirmation of his promise

As he stepped out of his room, he saw his brother Richard in his living room watching his favorite programme on CNN.

‘’Good Morning my lovely brother,’’ Daniel greeted his brother and gave him a big hug

‘’How was your night, “ Richard asked

“Oh! My night was splendid,” he replied with grin

I had a dream last night. I saw a man in white garment, he told me to store farm produces, as there will be scarcity in the land for three months. He also said I should read Daniel 4: 10-12 daily. Richard narrated the dream quietly.

‘’God is great,’’ Daniel declared

‘’The man in white garment is God’s angel sent by God. You are blessed my brother,” Daniel continued

‘’Pray & do as the spirit leads’’ Daniel told his brother as he looked deep into his eyes

“I want to check my car at Plank Street, I parked my car close to the King’s palace,” Daniel said

‘’Okay, thank you my brother for the advice. May God bless you,’’ Richard responded

As Daniel stepped out to check his car in Plank Street. He saw a beautiful lady, fair in complexion, fearfully and wonderfully made. Daniel was attracted to her and approached her immediately

‘’Hellllllllooooooooooooooooo,’’ Daniel shouted

The lady stopped walking and turned back to see who needs her attention

‘’Hey dear,’’ Daniel said cheerfully

What is your name?’’ Daniel asked

‘’I’m Sarah.’’  The lady answered in  British accent

I love your outfit, Sarah
’Thanks, Daniel!’’ She replied quietly

I like you, you look good. In fact, I want to know u

“I live at No.16, Jacob Street, you can visit me in the evening,” Sarah replied looking into his eyes.

Okay, I will visit you in the evening.

Daniel was elated to meet Sarah.  He went back home but didn’t met his brother. Richard went to Boson to advertise his products and left a message with his maid. Richard’s maid told Daniel that his brother would pick him up while coming back from Boson so that they can go to his farm together.

Daniel was watching an interesting movie when Richard came back. Richard decided to go to his farm alone but his brother insisted he would follow him.

As they were driving to his farm, Daniel told Richard he met a beautiful lady in the village named Sarah and would like to visit her in the evening.
They got to the Farm at  11.00 am
Daniel saw a very big farm with over 2,000 workers. He saw cranberry trees, varieties of fruits and berries in abundance

“Do you own this farm my brother?” Daniel asked again

“I owned it by God’s grace,” Richard replied

Oh! God blessed you, scarce products are abundant here

Daniel greeted the workers as they worked diligently on the farm

‘’You have females here’’

‘’They just water the plants while the guys cultivates’’

‘’Well done my brother’’\\

Richard left his farm around 3.00 pm. Richard was driven by his official driver while Daniel decided to stay back because he spotted another beautiful lady on the farm.

‘’Oh! You look beautiful, ’’ Daniel said

‘’Thanks sir!, my name is Rhoda. I live in Faire, I am hanging out with my friends to night. You can join us if you don’t mind’’ Rhoda responded

”I will join you, just give me the address”

”No 2, Light Street, Faire”

I will be happy to see you and introduce you to my friends as the elder brother of the great farmer and my sweet lover

“It’s okay,” Daniel replied

Daniel took a cab to Faire at 5 pm so that he could met up with Sarah.

Daniel visited Sarah in her home. He was welcomed by her parent and siblings. He had a nice time with Sarah and was really happy to see her again. Daniel got home at 7.00 pm, he took his dinner and left the house immediately to hang out with Rhoda and her friends.

Rhoda stood at the gate since 7.00 pm, she was really expectant. Daniel arrived at 7.50 pm, Rhoda embraced and kissed him.

‘’You look good and different, never knew you are so endowed like this,’’ Daniel commented

‘’Well, beauty is the eyes of the beholder,’’ Rhoda replied

”Hey Friends! Meet Daniel, the elder brother of the great farmer”

‘’Oh! We are pleased to meet you,’’ Rhoda friends replied

Daniel took alcoholic drink and danced with Rhoda still 12.00pm, he couldn’t go back home, he decided to spend the night in a guest house with Rhoda

Daniel had sex with Rhoda. He left the guest house and got home by 6.00 am. Daniel met his brother at the gate, he looked worrisome

‘’I have been looking for you my brother,’’ where have you been? Richard asked

‘’I went to a party but couldn’t come back home because it is late’,’’ Daniel replied

”You would have told me before you left so that I won’t be restless”

”I am sorry……………………… Daniel replied”

Daniel laid in bed thinking of Rhoda. He recalled their encounter at Carina Arena and remembered how she looked beautiful in her black pencil skirt and pink lace blouse.

Daniel’s telephone rang

It was Rhoda on the line

‘Hope you had a nice time yesterday’, Rhoda asked
‘Yes….Yes’, Daniel replied

Hum, I am in No, 21 in your street. I need you to come, it is urgent

Okay, I will be with you in a jiffy

Daniel took his bath and dressed up immediately. He got there and noticed the security guard who opened the gate wore white garment. Rhoda wore white gown and the maids wore white too…in fact the house was painted in white

Daniel sat down on a white cursor chair and was offered a drink

After five minutes, Rhoda and a tall man came out of a room. Rhoda introduced Daniel to this tall man as his lover, Daniel was happy.

‘’I heard you are the elder brother of the great farmer’’ the tall man (bull) said

‘’Hum, Richard is rich. What do you do for living?’’ Bull asked

‘’I am a Mechanic,’’ Daniel replied

And you are happy as a mechanic while your brother is making good money, be wise, use your brain. We are still using 2001 Mercedes Benz car in 2012.

‘’What can I do? I can’t kill myself, ’Daniel responded

”That’s a good question”

Stand up and let go into the strong room

’What is strong room?’ ‘Where is the strong room?’ Daniel asked harshly

‘’Follow me,’’ Bull commanded

Bull opened the room, Bull  dragged Daniel inside the room forcefully

‘’Where am I?’’ Daniel asked again

‘You are in your street,’’ Bull replied

Please take me out, you can’t go out. Just take this bottle of oil and apply it on the forehead of your brother when you get home and you shall get all you want

Now, get out!

Daniel got home, and tried to apply the oil on Richard’s head by force but he could not find the oil in his pocket. I fainted immediately and was rushed to the hospital

He got well after three days. I confessed all he has done to his brother and left faire that same day

Richard thanked God and acknowledged God as the great conqueror who conquers his enemies, protects him from evil and bless the work of his hands.

I pray for everyone who read this story that whatever God hasn’t is not planted in your body shall be uprooted now in Jesus Name, whatever you have gathered for years shall not scatter in a day. You shall reap the fruits of your labour, you shall conquer all IJN Amen

This story is work of fiction. Names, characters and events described are the imagination of the writer. Resemblance to actual persons, alive or dead, is entirely coincidental.

Written by Temitope Akinnagbe


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