NEWS:See How This Lady’s iPhone 7+ Exploded. (Photos/Video)>>>>>

Bree iPhone 7 explode

Bree, who said she wasn’t using the phone at the time of its explosion says she can’t explain why it exploded. She shared photos of the device as it burns down the rubber pouch of the phone.

Photos continue below + video:

Bree iPhone 7 explode1



NEWS:Fans Come For Tonto Dikeh For Saying Her Husband Gave Her STDs; She Replies!>>>>>.>

Tonto Dikeh Marriage crisis with fans

After revealing to a fan that she had to battle STDs given to her by her estranged husband, fans have come for her for speaking ill of the father of her child, who she months ago, was showering with prayers and encomium after he purchased expensive gifts for her.

Some minutes later, clapping back with all fury, she replied some of those fans, as she claimed that she used her platform as a popular star to lie about the gifts to make her ex-husband, Churchill, the man he is today.

But some fans are not ready to have their legs pulled cause if she says the gifts are not real, considering how excited she was when she received all the expensive gifts and flaunted them on social media, how are they not sure she’s lying right now to tarnish his image because of the bitter separation war they are fighting?

It’s funny how automatically the marriage crisis is no longer for Tonto Dikeh but also her followers… SHAKING MY HEAD! How can strangers dabble into your marriage like it’s some sort of reality TV show.

Keep up with the drama below y’all… it gets interesting…

Tonto Dikeh Marriage crisis with fans1

Tonto Dikeh Marriage crisis with fans2

Tonto Dikeh Marriage crisis with fans3

Tonto Dikeh Marriage crisis with fans4

Tonto Dikeh Marriage crisis with fans5

Tonto Dikeh Marriage crisis with fans6

Tonto Dikeh Marriage crisis with fans7

Tonto Dikeh Marriage crisis with fans8

Tonto Dikeh Marriage crisis with fans9

NEWS:“A Husband Who Cheats And Uses You As His Punching Bag” – Tonto Dikeh>>>>>

As her followers keep meddling into her failed marital affairs, so does she keep on revealing more shocking details about it – this time though, one of her fans only requested to know the secret behind her weight loss, saying she looks pretty and all.

The actress then shockingly replied saying:

“How? It was very simple having a husband who cheats on a roll and uses you for a punching bag and suffering gross verbal abuse sun up to sun down in my hone. I am sure any woman would lose weight. I look pretty because I am serving a living God who never sleeps.”

The actress had also liked a post on Instagram that called out her husband and referred to him as a scam.

NEWS:IBB University Lecturer Caught And Stripped Naked While Trying To Sleep With A Student For Grades. (Photos)>>>

A lecturer from the Department of English at the Ibrahim Badamasi Babangida University, Lapai, Niger State, Hajji Yusuf, was caught and stripped naked after the female student he wanted to sleep with set him up.

According to the report that was shared online, the lecturer had threatened to fail the student if she refuse to get down with him, so he came around to have sex with her as agreed, not knowing she had planned with her boyfriend to disgrace him.

He was busted after he pulled his cloths off.

Photos continue below:


NEWS:Ouch! See How This Lady Replied Her Bae Who Gushed Over Her On Twitter.>>>>>

Why can’t some women just have a little bit of chill in this life? After showering you with such praise, you reply him with such savagery… Dayum!

Fraud Alert: 10 G-Wagons, With A Gold Plated One, Discovered In Nigerian Man’s Compound. (Photos)

There’s a new found job in the country though – whistle blower!! Twitter account of APC UK, shared a video of 10 G-Wagons including a gold plated one that are allegedly owned by a Nigerian, parked in a compound.

According to them, they are not yet sure of the location as it was sent to them via their inbox, and they have already alerted EFCC and the Police to investigate.

More photos below:

NEWS:Wait! So All These Gifts Were From Tonto Dikeh To Tonto Dikeh?! (Photos)>>>>>>

So we are all aware how earlier today, the actress revealed that the expensive gifts she has been flaunting on social media claiming her “ex-husband’ bought them for her were all lies, saying she used her platform to make him who he is today.


Since 2015, she has been showing off luxury gifts on Instagram ranging from a Lexus LX 570 SUV, a canary yellow ring, a Toyota Prado SUV, a diamond studded chopard necklace and wristwatch and an iPhone 7 rose gold.

Following her statement, this has us wondering if all these have been a gift from herself to herself? 🤷🤷🤷

See the gifts below:

Lol: Lol… Checkout This Keke Convertible Spotted In Lagos Island See Here>>>>>


keke convertible

Talk about balling! This keke rider won’t say his head is not there sha! Hehe… this roofless tricycle a.k.a Keke Napep was spotted in Lagos Island this morning.

What do you think? Will you take a ride in it?

Gist: See Photos of Dammy, The Endowed Naija Princess who charges guys N6,000 To Watch Her Twerk See Here>>>



This Nigerian lady based in the United States of America is simply recognized as Ms Damn. She is very influential on Instagram where she boasts of over a million followers, even bigger than some of our celebrities down here. (Don Jazzy follows her too)

She specializes in twerking and known for doing the ‘#walktwerkclapaway’ as seen on her Instagram bio. She is very proud of her Nigeria heritage and she refers to herself as the ‘Naija Princess’ which she includes on over 70% of the contents on her page.

She is also known to be very friendly with Nigerian guys on social media. She has a page on Connect Pal where each member pays about $12 dollars per month just to watch her dance seductively and display her bosom and bum.

According to reports, her page has thousands of subscribers making her a very rich young girl who merely sits back at home to smile to the bank without a regular job.


The curvy young lady who has a passion for stripping is also into event promotions as she is invited to nightclubs and other social gatherings to serve as a centre of attraction with handsome rewards.


Much personal details about her real names, education and family background remain fuzzy.

See more photos of Ms Damn below:









Gist: Can You Deduce What This Trending Number Codes That Has People Thinking On Twitter Are? See Here>>>


men are trash

I took my pen up the moment I saw and burst out laughing after I figured it out – here’s an hint; how would you text someone, old mobile phone style…? Yeah well, use the figures in the tweets and figure it out!

The lady who shared the Tweet is obviously scorned though… You’ll agree with me when you solve the puzzle.