MUST READ:“Osun, Nefertiti & Yemoja Pray Around My Head” – Beyonce References Yoruba Deities In Poem About Her Twins.>>>>>>

Beyonce tag Yoruba dieties

The proud soon to be mother of twins shared a poem meant to celebrate her twins pregnancy where she referenced Yoruba goddesses, Osun and Yemoja and said they were praying around her head.

The poem which is titled “I Have Three Hearts” was written by popular Somalian poet Warsan Shire.

Beyonce tag Yoruba dieties1

Beyonce tag Yoruba dieties2

Beyonce tag Yoruba dieties3

Beyonce tag Yoruba dieties4

Beyonce tag Yoruba dieties5

Beyonce tag Yoruba dieties6

Beyonce tag Yoruba dieties7

Beyonce tag Yoruba dieties8


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