NEWS:Harrysong shuts down his new record Label ‘Alter Plate’, returns to Kcee’s Five Star Music>>>>>


Harrysong has returned to Kcee’s Five Star Music Limited.

A quick check of the singer’s social media pages reveals he has deleted all links to his label Alter Plate and replaced them with the details of his previous employer, Five Star Music.

And this comes just days after the Reggae Blues singer was re-arrested for allegedly forging E-Money’s signature so as to collect money from a brand.

The drama between Harrysong and Five Star Music started after the singer accused the company of not appreciating his efforts. He dumped the label, launched his own company, prompting a media/police drama that stretched for days.

Following his last arrest two days ago, the singer apologised to Five Star Music. “I want to say I’m sorry Kcee, I am sorry to Five Star for most of those words said in anger. I miss my family. You don’t expect me to fight with my family forever,” he said.

And now, the singer has made changes on his media pages, confirming that he has shut down his own company.

See what his Instagram now looks like:


We guess the alleged signature forgery charge has been trashed?

Well, here’s hoping the fivestar label gives us more music than drama from now on.



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