NEWS:Female Corper slimfits her NYSC trousers, is this right? (photos)>>>>>>


Someone on Nairaland has shared photos of a Female Corper he came across earlier today, and he wants to know if what he saw is right.. Below is what he wrote:

I made a stop at the ATM this morning in Uyo and I saw this lady who totally turned her NYSC uniform to something else. To me I believe this is a national color and it has to be handled with honor and patriotism. Different strokes for different reasons so are uniforms and dresses for different purposes. Has this not defeated the purpose of covering the body n make one appear responsible? I decided to make this post because of the tongue lashing people made at her. Some people were saying that she paid for to be sent to Uyo so she can sell her body. Some said she thinks it’s Akpabio’ tenure where free money was flying. Some just hissed. I think NYSC members should be a role model to some younger generation. Imagine if she wears this to teach in the class room!!…… Remember she is being termed as Federal Government child n is being paid by same. Is she leaving up to their bids?



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