GIST:See These Adorable New Pictures Of Yemi Alade. See More Photos Here>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Nigerian singer, Yemi Alade took to social media to share these adorable new pictures of herself in this gorgeous outfit.

The ‘Knack am’ crooner, via her instagram page, shared the pictures and wrote;

@onaziogaba for President of the Online in diaspora!

I must confess this outfit is one of the best i have seen on Yemi Alade, well styled.

Yemi Eberechi Alade, simply known as Yemi Alade, is a Nigerian Afropop singer and songwriter. She gained prominence after winning the Peak Talent Show in 2009, and is best known for her hit single “Johnny”.

See more pictures below;

GIST:Viral dark skinned model, Florence Baitio releases stunning new photos. See More Photos Here>>>>>>>>>>

Florence Baitio releases stunning new photos

Australian model, Florence Baitio, who became an internet sensation, all thanks to her unique dark skin, has shared new photos of hers.

She became quite known on social media after photos of hers hit the web – and it’s all thanks to her charcoal dark skin and her flair for colourful lipsticks.

She’s shared new photos as she turns 20, still having her Melanin poppin and what not, this time. She also shows us what she looks like without her signature lipsticks.

Photos below:

Florence Baitio releases stunning new photos

Florence Baitio releases stunning new photos

Florence Baitio releases stunning new photos

NEWS:Meet the Mother of 9 Who Has Trained 5 University Graduates by Selling Roasted Yam. Read Full Story Here>>>>>>>>>>>>

A Nigerian lady Mrs. Franca Nwosu who is a mother of 9 has narrated how she sponsored the university education of five of her children from the proceeds of her yam business.

The Minna, Niger State resident, who sold roasted yam along the busy Shiroro Road, explained that the business was doing well in spite of the economic downturn in the country.

Speaking to Northern City News on Thursday in Minna, Nwosu stated that she started the business about 15 years ago, noting that the trade had lifted her family above poverty.

She said

“I started this business over 15 years ago and with the proceeds, I was able to train five graduates. So, as far as I am concerned, the business is booming, no matter the hardship in the country, people must eat, you cannot avoid food.”

The trader said she opened for business by 7am everyday to serve her customers who comprised commercial motorcyclists, artisans, pedestrians and motorists.

Nwosu said that she roasted no fewer than 150 tubers of yam each day, noting, however, that the economic recession had forced her to reduce the quantity to 100 tubers.

The middle-aged woman said her husband’s meagre earnings from his welding workshop was inadequate for the family upkeep hence her decision to engage in selling roasted yam by the roadside.

She explained;

“My husband is a welder by profession but with the current situation of things in the country, what he is getting cannot sustain the family; so,  I engaged myself in the yam roasting business to support him so that our family will not suffer.”

A motorcycle operator, Samuel Edom, said he patronised Nwosu daily because her serving was affordable.

“With between N50 and N100, I can feed myself and this is far cheaper than eating at a restaurant where a plate of food would cost me between N300 and N400. Almost all the Okada riders in town have their lunch at her spot.
“I leave home early for my Okada business, so, most times, I have no other choice but to patronise the roasted yam seller because I cannot afford to go back home for a meal.”

Another motorcyclist, Abubakar Mohammed, also said that roasted yam was r cheapest food anyone could get in Minna.

He stated;

“I patronise Madam Nwosu because I can afford roasted yam compared to other foods in town. We (Okada riders) are comfortable with  her roasted yam; most of us eat there two times a day and she sometimes sold on credit to us, she is our ‘mother’ in town,”

“An open letter to PSquare”. Read Full Letter Here>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Dear Peter and Paul,

I know you guys are busy with all that is going on but this won’t take long.

You must know why I am writing. You guys are all over the news. Your names keep popping up on several headlines. It wouldn’t be a cause for concern if the buzz around you was music related.

It’s sort of sad to see you guys trending because of sibling rivalry and not because of music. Since 2014 we have watched you guys become gossip material. Your fans are sad to see this happening. Even the critics can’t explain how a legendary group is unfolding so badly.

At the height of your fame and success, the P in Psquare could have also meant professionalism. Peter and Paul, you showed what it meant to be a recording artist. You guys took no prisoners.

You dropped the hits and Jude Okoye ran the ship. This was how you became music stars in the real sense of the word. You brought excitement to millions of Nigerians.

If those around you won’t tell you, I will. The Psquare brand hasn’t been the same since all the drama started a couple of years ago. Your last album ‘Double Trouble’ was solid no doubt, but it didn’t affect popular culture like your previous efforts. The sibling rivalry has robbed the group of a bit of its shine.

While you are squabbling, the Psquare brand is losing its appeal very fast. After years of hard work, sacrifice and dedication, this is not the way to go out. You guys have earned the right to go out on your terms but it surely shouldn’t be this way. Psquare should go out with a bang.

Siblings will always fight especially twins. It is not unusual that the two of you are disagreeing. The best of brothers trade punches once in a while. The manner in which you two are fighting leaves room for concern.

Your squabbles shouldn’t be seen all over social media. You guys are acting like D-list celebrities. Peter and Paul, you are better than that. Has it come to this? You have lost respect for each other and are ready to drag each other through the mud. Legends shouldn’t behave like this. It is disappointing.

No matter what is going on do not lose the fact that you are brothers. You grew together, cried together, starved together and hustled together. No one knows you guys better than yourselves.

Now, there have been rumours about why you are fighting. I wouldn’t dwell on these too much because they are just speculations.

The same respect you give a man is the same you should give his wife. A man has a right to choose who his wife is. You might disagree with his choice but at least be respectful. Show respect. If you are disrespectful to a man’s wife, you are disrespectful to him also.

And on the business side of things, surely three grown men can come together and talk without trading blows. Psquare hasn’t done badly in terms of money over the years. Whatever business model they have been using can be improved upon. Progress is not bad. Everyone should be open to progress.

Hopefully, sense will prevail and you guys will stop the public mudslinging. Remember, the Internet never forgets. Your kids are watching their uncles behave childishly. What legacy do you want to leave for them?

Yours sincerely,
An admirer.

GIST:Comedian Seyi Law Shares Adorable Photos of his Daughter Tiwa as she Celebrates her birthday today. See More Photos Here>>>>>>>>>>

Nigeria Most populous kid Tiwa, the first daughter of comedian Seyi Law is celebrating her first birthday, and the comedian shared these beautiful photos to mark the day for her.. she’s such an adorable kid.. see more below!

NEWS:Some parents encourage daughters to go to Europe for prostitution. Read Full Story Here>>>>>>>>>>

Some parents encourage daughters


 A staff of the National Agency for the Prohibition of Trafficking in Persons [NAPTIP], has revealed exclusively that some parents actually encourage their daughters to travel to Europe to become sex slaves so they could send money to them.


The NAPTIP official, Esther Otegheri who revealed this shocking fact to Pulse, said many of the sex slaves the agency have managed to rescue in some European countries like Italy, Russia, Germany, and Spain, claim that their parents pushed them into the trade.


Otegheri also posited that some of the parents go as far as providing the money for their wards to travel out or take them to shrines to swear to oaths that they will not abandon the sex trade when they get to Europe.


“It will shock Nigerians to know that most of the girl who gets trafficked to Europe to engage in prostitution are often encouraged or pushed into it by their own parents,” Otegheri begins.


Otegheri who was one of the NAPTIP officials who just came back from Europe where they managed to rescue some girls who were trafficked for the sex trade, said that some of the girls they rescued are as young as 13 and most of them had undergone untold hardship and were exposed to various kinds of diseases.


“I wept bitterly when we saw some of these girls who were as young as 13 roaming the streets of Europe soliciting for men to have sex with them for money.


They have these madams whom they report to and any money they make is used to offset the debts they owe the madams or send back home for their parents to pay off the people they borrowed to send them to Europe.


There are girls aged 13, 14 and 15 on the streets of Europe, selling themselves for money. They are so young, vulnerable and having terrible experiences. Some of them are exposed to sexually transmitted diseases because many of the patrons prefer sleeping with them without condoms.


Only the strongest of hearts would not cry when you see them or hear their stories. Many of them go through harrowing experiences before they get to Europe all in the name of making a living for themselves and their families.


In the course of our investigations, we discovered the routes these traffickers operate from and it would break your heart to see what they go through.


We discovered that some of these young victims go through the border between Sokoto and Bori Koni in the Niger Republic while some trek through the deserts taking the Katsina Maradi-Niamey-Ouagadougou-Mali, on to Libya before crossing the Mediterranean sea into Europe.


We also discover that majority of the victims are trafficked through Lagos to Cotonou for onward trafficking to Europe, with the connivance of Immigration and Customs officials.”


It has been discovered that Nigerians make up the biggest nationality crossing the Mediterranean in smuggling boats launched from Libya, and many of the migrants are girls and young women who are destined for the sex trade.


“Many of the girls come from very poor families and the parents feel the only way they can come out of their poor status is if their daughters could travel Europe and engage in prostitution. That is how low most of our parent’s reason.


Many of the girls have not been to school or have very little education, so they are easily taken advantage of. They dream of a better life in Europe, they see Italy as a paradise.


You will be surprised to hear some parents even boasting about their daughters who are in Europe and when you ask them what the girls do, they will be proud to tell you that they are hustling.


For them, hustling means one thing: prostitution. They are not ashamed to say it and it is very pathetic.


Some of these girls have little or no idea where they are heading or what they would do when they are being trafficked out of Nigeria. They don’t know the danger in front of them only to realize it when they get to a point of no return and they would have no option but to fall in line.


They are forced into prostitution and if they refuse, they are beaten up, detained and threatened with juju. It is very sad.”


Otegheri also pointed out that the victims of the sex trade live in terror of the madams who run them, as well as organized Nigerian gangs who operate as a mafia team and are used to whip the girls into line.


“The madams are like demi-gods and they control the girls in every way imaginable, from beating, torture, illegal imprisonment and threats of death.


There are also Nigerian gangs organized like the Mafia and they are used by the madams to intimidate, abuse and terrorize the girls.


The gang often kidnap the girls, rape them and force them into the streets to solicit for men.


Even some local churches are not left out in the trafficking. We have arrested some so-called pastors ho run these trafficking trade. They pretend to send these girls abroad to work when they know they are being sent to become prostitutes.


Once the girls arrive in Italy or other parts of Europe, they are made to sign agreements to pay back between 30,000 to 50,000 Euros to the madams before they are free to be on their own.


Most of them can spend three to five years without being able to pay up the money, thereby living in perpetual bondage.


The exploitation of these minors by their parents and the organized sex trade rings is rather pathetic. The way our government is handling the matter is also not encouraging. We have advocated for these rings to be smashed by all means but they still keep sprouting and it is worrisome.”


The problems associated with human trafficking for the purpose of engaging in prostitution is hydra-headed and the government needs to take serious measures to checkmate it.


Some of the measures that have been advocated include investment in quality education for the youths, sensitizing the people, especially those in the rural communities so as to reach the most vulnerable people who think traveling abroad is the one sure way of beating poverty.


The government should also create employment and skills acquisition opportunities to enable the young girls to learn a trade because a large number of the trafficked persons were lured into the act due to unemployment and poverty.

NEWS:Photos: Ooni Of Ife Appears For Olojo Festival After Going Into Spiritual Seclusion. See More Photos Here>>>>>>>>>>>>>

The annual Olojo festival in Ile-Ife started on Friday with the historic appearance to public of His Imperial Majesty Ooni Adeyeye Enitan Ogunwusi Ojaja II to receive his numerous guests who are in Ile-Ife from all parts of the world for the historic festival which commemorates the creation of mankind.

Ooni, the Spiritual leader of the Yoruba race worldwide terminating his seclusion that had kept him incommunicado in the last one week arrived the palace from ILOFI where the spiritual seclusion had taken place accompanied by the notable Ife indigenes and High Chiefs. He was received by a mammoth crowd of participants.

He was seen offering prayers to the multitude of participants who were in batches paying homage to him on the sacred throne of Oduduwa, the progenitor of Yoruba race.

ILAGUN, a very sacred aspect of the festival celebrating the relevance of OGUN(god of Iron) to the creation of the world had earlier taken place at OKEM’OGUN shrine located at Enuwa, Ile-Ife.

Leading a team of the Afro Caribbeans, Mr Arthur Brown said the festival is an impactful connection between the Afro Caribbeans and their brothers at home in Africa.

This year’s Olojo Festival continues on Saturday when the Ooni is expected to appear to the general public with the sacred AARE crown that is worn once in a year.

Signed ;
Comrade Moses Olafare,
Director, Media and Public Affairs, Ooni’s Palace.

GIST:“If you wear a pant throughout the day, you’ve got serious problems” – Lady advises other ladies to change their panties 2-3 times daily. Read Full Story Here>>>>>>>

A Nigerian Twitter User has taken to her account to advise you all ladies who wear a single underwear throughout the whole day.

She goes by the name Sylvia, and she says Ladies should at least change their panties 2-3 times everyday.

Read Below what she wrote:

“Women should not wear the same panties throughout the day.. If your girl wear the same panties thoughtout the day, there’s something seriously wrong.

If your friend, your girlfriend, your sister wear the same panties throughout the day that’s not a good look. Tell them to stop.

Especially if he is eating ya pussayyyeeee yes wash it 3 times change panties 2-3 times.

I’m trying to help you women. That fishy smell gotta go b.

GIST:Remember the TV sitcom, Family Matters? Here’s how they look like now.See More Photos Here>>>>>>>>>>

Do you remember FAMILY MATTERS, the very popular sitcom, that aired between September 22, 1989 – July 17, 1998.

The sitcom starred one of the funniest TV characters of all time, and everyone always looked forward to watch Steve Urkel, whose real name is Jaleel White.

Steve’s love interest in the sitcom was Laura Winslow, whose real name is Kellie Shanygne Williams… You need to see how they look like NOW!

The cast of the popular TV show reunited recently to promote their streaming debut on Hulu. From September 29th, all episodes of Family Matters can be found on Hulu.

Steve Urkel and Laura Winslow. BEFORE.
Steve Urkel and Laura Winslow. BEFORE.
Steve Urkel and Laura Winslow. BEFORE.

Entertainment Weekly did a photoshoot for all the cast of the TV comedy series.

NEWS:Billionaire Kidnapper, Evans Makes Interesting Request In Prison – Details. Read Full Story Here>>>>>>>>>>

It has actually been a while now since we heard anything about Billionaire Kidnapper, Evans. The kidnapper who has pleaded guilty to the charge of kidnapping and is been remanded in the prison made this scintillating request…
A group of Christians from a Pentecostal church who were on a routine visit to Kirikiri prison in Lagos, recently, were shocked when they came face- to- face with the notorious kidnap kingpin, Chukwudumebi Onwuamaegbu aka Evans, who has pleaded guilty to the charge of kidnapping and was remanded by court in the prison.
Reports said the Christians, whose numerical strength could not be ascertained, were in the prison on a Sunday, just few weeks after Evans was remanded and after routine checks, they demanded to pray for the notorious kidnap suspect. It was reliably learned that prison officials reluctantly agreed to their request and later brought the suspect to them.
Events took a dramatic turn immediately Evans saw the Christians with their bibles and scapulars as he was said to have made desperate request for a bible. The bewildered preachers quickly obliged him with a new bible which he clutched intimately like a new born baby and thanked them profusely for the gift. The leader of the group who was visibly happy with the request announced that it was a show of repentance.
Thereafter, they were said to have prayed for him after which he joyously went back to his private cell in the prison.
Sources at the prison revealed that Evans was openly shedding tears when he was brought to court the day his trial commenced in Ikeja. The source who sought strict anonymity told Crime Guard: “We were in prison with other suspects that day when Evans was brought to court with the official vehicle of a top police officer in Lagos. He was shedding tears uncontrollably. Then, after he was remanded, we took him to Kirikiri prison where he will stay pending his trial. Immediately we entered the prison yard with him, there was a tumultuous ovation by the inmates. In fact, he was giving a presidential treatment by the inmates. It was so much that he started responding by raising his hands with a white handkerchief while the resounding ovation continued.
“That must have been why strict instructions were quickly given about him over his stay. We have a very strict Deputy Controller here and he planted informants who send him daily reports on the activities of both the inmates and prison officials. His strictness made it impossible for Evans, in particular, to have access to telephones or any electronic gadget inside his cell. In fact, he is staying in a private cell and only comes out to meet other prisoners under strict observations. We do not allow any visitor to see him. So far, the only visitors who have met with him were his brother and lawyer and they did that while being closely watched. Our Oga always insist that they come to his office to meet with him and they must converse in English language so that he would understand whatever they say.”
Though, our source could not say how he was being fed, he stated that some inmates make private arraignment for their feeding while other ones feed on whatever they served served