VIDEO: Adekunle Gold – “No Forget” ft. Simi Download Here>>>>>>

Music video for No Forget [Official Video] featuring Simi performed by Adekunle Gold.

The record is off Adekunle Gold’s debut album titled “Gold”

Enjoy the Clarence Peters directed video below

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News: MMM Musician Gets Fed Up, Does A Remix Of His Son For The Scheme. Download Here>>>


kelvins app

The ponzi scheme had announced its comeback for business earlier this year, after its member’s accounts in the ponzi scheme were frozen for almost a month – comedian and comic singer, Kelvinsapp, did a song video for the scheme, which he shared on his Instagram page.

While Kelvin shares his heartache in the video, we have no other option but to laugh at the hilarity of the video.

Here’s the song lyrics:

“The mmm remix

“Father Help me! Jesus help me. #mmm eh. What Ave u done ewo!!! Ebube!!! #mmm what u Ave done ewo!!

“My landlord eh is back again. I thought he was gone eh. My house rent eh is over due ewo. All my GH o jes dey vanish o

“#mmm neh Meh wili wili oh. #mmm eh what Ave u done ewo.”

Gist: Young Boy Who Has The “Hand Of God” On His Head Causes Stir On Twitter. (Photos) Here>>>>>>


Hand of God

So a barber made this ‘hand of God’ haircut happen on a young lad’s head and Twitter user @ToneC2X shared the photos on the platform which had people “falling off their chairs in laughter”.

Continue below:

Hand Of God1

Hand of God2

Hand of God3

Hand of God4

Hand of God5

Lol:Picture of the Day! Just For Laughs! See Picture Here>>>>>

Buhari’s health has caused serious controversy as Nigerians have no

chill at all……


News: Big Brother Naija 2017: Here are the rules contestants must follow while in the house #BBnaija Read Full Story Here>>>



Big brother has finally introduced some new rules that are to be followed by the big brother Nigeria contestants while in the house.

As an excited 2017 big brother kicks off today Sunday 22 this time around we hope to see a new presenter- Ebuka obi-uchendu. New housemates and new rules.

The aim of the show is to have fun; however for the duration of the show the Housemates are subject to Biggie’s rules. These need to be followed from the moment the Housemates enter the House until the moment they leave. Take a look at the below;

Big Brother’s rules of law:

Rule 1: Housemates must respect the House and their fellow contestants at all times.

Rule 2: The Housemates will have no contact with the outside world and they are kept busy by the various tasks and challenges set by Biggie. Being in such close proximity with a house full of strangers can be tough going and Biggie has set rules that need to be followed.

Rule 3: Big Brother has complete control over everything going on in the house and Biggie never discusses anything that goes on outside of the house with anyone inside.

Rule 4: The Housemates are filmed 24/7 and they must have their microphones on at all times. The viewers must be able to hear all conversations at all times and are not allowed to whisper or cover their mouths while speaking to fellow Housemates. They are also not allowed to reveal the location of the cameras and microphones.

Rule 5: Diary Sessions are one of the most important aspects of the show’s success and are compulsory. Once a Housemate is called to the Diary Room, they must drop everything they are doing and proceed to the Diary Room. Failure to do so will result in a fine, a strike, or worse. Housemates can request to enter the Diary Room at any time of the day or night. Sunglasses and hats are not permitted in the Diary Room. The door for the Diary Room will be locked when not in use and no one is allowed into the room if it is occupied.

Important to note:
Diary Sessions and Nominations are compulsory and Housemates need to give valid reasons for nominating a fellow Housemate. Biggie reserves the right to take his time to answer any questions, but will always return with an answer. Biggie will not entertain any personal questions. What happens in the Diary Room stays in the Diary Room and Housemates cannot discuss anything that happens in the Diary Room. Exceptions to this rule are events such as Head of House Tasks.


Rule 6: Nominations are important and Housemates are not allowed to discuss the reasons for their nominations with anyone other than Big Brother. If a Housemate does so it will be interpreted as a deliberate attempt to influence others. They are not allowed to communicate via hints, signs, symbols or written notes. Housemates are not allowed to enter into any alliance or scheme to plot the downfall of fellow Housemates. Communication in the house in Yoruba, Igbo, Hausa and any other local language other than English is not permitted.

Rule 7: Housemates are not allowed to strike, intimidate, threaten or act in any way that can be construed as violent towards any fellow Housemates. This could result in immediate disqualification.

Rule 8: Housemates are not allowed to bring the following into the house:

– CDs, CD players, radios, iPod, iPad
– Walkmans, DVD/Blu-Ray players, televisions
– Mobile phones, Smart phones
– Computers, Laptops, Notepads
– Video game consoles, Computer games
– Calendars
– Diaries
– Pen and paper or any writing materials
– Eyeliner (Or any other make-up that could be used for writing.)
– Alarm clocks
– Watches
– Any electronic equipment requiring batteries
– Weapons, drugs and narcotics
– Medication (except for agreed personal medication in consultation with Big Brother)
– Clothes with prominent logos, clothes with fine stripes or dots, silk clothes, solid white clothes.)
– Your pet cat and your children (although, you can bring pictures of your children and your cat)

Rule 10: Housemates can bring the following into the House:
– Cigarettes / cigars / tobacco
– Reading material, either a book or magazine.
– Moisturising cream
– Shaving foam, deodorant, shower lotion, pack of razor blades
– Day cream, night cream and eye cream
– One cleansing lotion. Cleansing tonic.
– Perfume or after shave
– Hairspray/ gel hair conditioner and wax
– Lip balm
– Musical Instrument (provided it doen’t need batteries)

Rule 11: Biggies’ word is law and all Housemates must comply with his requests at all times without fail.

Rule 12: Only Biggie can open up the storage room where the Housemates will find everything that they need for Tasks, Challenges etc. Biggie will inform the Housemates that the Storage Room is open and the Head of House will proceed there to retrieve what Biggie has put there for the Housemates daily and weekly needs

First and foremost, the aim is to have fun but not at the expense of others in the house. We look forward to sharing this amazing experience with you and may the best Housemate win.

Big Brother Naija reality show starts Sunday, 22 January at 7pm and will run for 11 weeks on all DStv packages on channel 198 and GOtv Plus on channel 29.

Gist: Want to book Burna Boy? He says he won’t take anything less than $50,000 See Here>>>>



Star singer, Burna boy has said if you don’t have $50,000 to book him for performances, you can keep the money to yourself! That’s like, 24m.

He put up a series of posts on his Instagram page and on InstaStory talking about how he just got $100k and that he and his “people” don’t want offers less than $50k.

See his posts below:





Lyrics: Olamide Letter to Milli There is a Verse You Must Observe Read Here>>>>


Auto Draft

Lyrics Of Letter To Milli By Olamide


[Verse 1]
Hey son wassup, this is your dad
Am writting this to motivate you whenever you are down
Just remember my story and things that people told me
Man mili till my head couldnt hold me
Back from the facts that the things that i believed in
Now i treat a special woman, the womb i lived in
How i used to go go, how i used to go then
How i used to go to shows with no cash in my pocket
Am talking 08, 09, O10, O11
For every level theres a different devil
I sold my soul to the game just to dine with the devil
I hope i make heaven
And sometimes, i dont even think about the fact that my daddy is a driver and my hold is laid in lag
I just grind like am crazy like a maniac
To make my daddy proud and get all the things my lady likes


So ti ye e, bose’nlo gan gan mo so fun e yen
O le di president oh, ma je ki anybody so fun e wipe o le di president
Oko ma je kori e pe, wa se kini wa je kori e pe
O ma de need kini, o ma need dedication
Kini mope oh, dedication
Ori e gbodo ma yo na, ole ma think bi everybody
To ba fe dabi everybody
Se’n ti mo so fun e yen oh, ehn ehn, okay

[Verse 2]
Am sorry omo mi, omo mi, arin bi eni egbe dun
Mi o ni sugarcoat anything, tori mo fe ki nu e dun
Otito koro, sugbon otito ni major key
I know you wanna ball, you wanna flex, o den tun fe yo p
And sometimes you wanna be just like me
Exactly, maybe not too much maybe slightly
And sometimes you wanna do the things that i did
Maybe even better, maybe you wanna be greater
You must into consideration the circumstances
Where you at, who you loving who you stand with
You must be prepared for every chance you see
Every oppurtinity, knock dem out for me like Ali
Be a soldier, build yourself
Elevate your brothers when you elevating yourself
Go to war with your brothers and protect all your sisters
Ask your mama for her blessings let no one compete with her

So ti ye e, bose’nlo gan gan mo so fun e yen
O le di president oh, ma je ki anybody so fun e wipe o le di president
Oko ma je kori e pe, wa se kini wa je kori e pe
O ma de need kini, o ma need dedication
Kini mope oh, dedication
Ori e gbodo ma yo na, ole ma think bi everybody
To ba fe dabi everybody
Se’n ti mo so fun e yen oh, ehn ehn, okay

[Verse 3]
Oh i, didnt tell you nothing lasts forever
We be giants of africa but naira o niyi to cefa
Lowo lowo bayi o, mi wale so’la o
Gbogbo musicians ko lo mo do re mi fa so la o
But Grace Olorun l’everybody fi’n lefo
Ediye ni’ye biti eiye but ko le fo
Gbogbo flaws e, jo maje ko hurt e
Ma ba anybody se runs, were to ma hurt e
Ko take pride ninu everything to ba ni
Reality leleyi, eyan ni e okin se barney
Omo eleniyan, gbagbe nickeldeon
Oju e si ma ri bi ti Jagaban ni body long
Some of your soldiers ma snitch biti Judas
Ogbodo so kuta to ba’n gbele oni glass
Inu rere to ba’n se loma help e
Respect everybody, fear nobody
Cos nobody lo wa ni gba toun ko
Kadara, t’Oloun yan fun e, eyan ko lo ko
To ba’n lo so ko ma gbagbe ada pel’oko
Keep your eyes on the price future lowa lokan

I love you, my love to all the little kids out there
I pray may you days be long, your money be long
When its time to face your fears may you be strong
May you never dwell in failure when you do something wrong
May you never lack the wisdom to multiply and sustain all that you work and pray for

Music + Video: DMW – “Prayer” ft. Davido & Mayorkun

PrayerDMW begins the year with a splendid tune ‘PRAYER’. The Prayerful tune features The DMW Boss Davido & Rising star Mayorkun.

As announced by the label’s social media accounts, ‘PRAYER’ is a track off the DMW album/mixtape which would be released later in the year. This single features label boss ‘DAVIDO’ & 2016’s biggest breakout star ‘Mayorkun’, Its a follow up to the previously released ‘Back 2 Back’ which peaked at number 1 on the iTunes chart back in May 2016.

As the title implies, ‘PRAYER’ is a very inspirational tune, that sees Mayorkun & Davido display such beautiful synergy you ll see a lot in the DMW album. Audio produced by Fresh Beatz & Video directed by Unlimited LA.

The song which was laced with The spicy beat – And The DMW acts sure mends in their prolific lyrics to blend with the prayerful tune. Stating the Year with another Happy-Celebration tune, as it sees all Graces to bound the new Year. Nobody does it better like the DMW’S. Prayer is sure another banger.

Mayorkun’s first official 2017 single is already in the works and would premiere in February.

Watch, Download, Listen and Enjoy!

DOWNLOAD Music: DMW – “Prayer” ft. Davido & Mayorkun

DOWNLOAD Video: DMW – “Prayer” ft. Davido & Mayorkun


MUST READ:Ice Prince Girlfriend, Maima grinds on Mystery man at a club (Photos)>>>>>>>>>>>>


Miama Nkewah is having a swell time, but trolls won’t let her enjoy fun moments in peace.

Hours ago, the girlfriend to Nigerian rapper Iceprince took to her SnapChat to share clips from a nightclub where she partied with a mystery man. The Ghanaian vixen danced sensuously with the unidentified man, both of them grinding against each other.


And this sparked speculations that there was more to them than just hooking up at a club, especially because it has been a while since Iceprince and Miama Nkewah displayed affection for each other on their social media pages.

A quick check of the rapper’s page shows he last posted Miama’s photos in April 2016, while she sent him a heartwarming birthday shout-out in October.

The duo had come a long way since the 2016 cheating scandal that rocked their relationship. In January 2016, rumours made rounds that Maima was cheating on Iceprince with Abuja-based big boy, Akinbode, and after the businessman published photos of he and Maima on his Instagram as proof that they did had an affair, the rapper gallantly defended her honour and refused to back down even as many people dragged him.

Days later, Miama flashed a simple gold ring on her Snapchat, hinting at a possible secret wedding between her and the rapper, but the duo quickly went under the radar and nothing was heard of the Ghanaian vixen until today.









See comments;










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