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Who lies more in a relationship? For some reason, girls tend to think that guys lie more and vice versa. Well, that’s a debate for another day.

Today, we are putting the spotlight on guys and exposing their lying ways. A little white lie every now and then won’t hurt anybody, but telling heavy lies like it’s no man’s business is a hobby for most guys. Dating a guy who lies for Africa can be frustrating as he can never be honest with you. It feels like you are a play object in his hands that he can toss around whenever and however. If a guy can’t be honest with you, you need to do yourself some good by learning ways to know when he’s lying.

Here are a few signs to start with.

  1. Avoiding eye contact

This old rule never becomes stale. You know what they say about the eyes being the mirror to the soul? It’s not an exaggeration; you can actually tell when someone is lying by looking them straight in the eye. As a result of this, he subconsciously avoids your gaze so you don’t get to see the truth he’s hiding. This is an obvious sign because most guys are confident especially when they are dealing with their woman, and would look her straight in the eye. If suddenly, he’s looking away when saying something or answering a question you asked, just know that something is amiss.

  1. Touching or scratching of the face

No matter how great a guy is at lying, it’s hard for him to get their body to cooperate when they are telling a lie. While his mouth is delivering the lies like a crammed speech, his body tends to be too slow to catch up. It’s almost like he’s saying something and his body is kicking against it. For most guys, parts of their face like the nose, ears, cheeks or even the eye suddenly begins to itch, and they find themselves scratching without even realising it. This is considered a concrete clue to tell that a guy is lying because unlike girls who are fond of running their hands through their body, guys aren’t that ‘touchy.’ If he touches his face once or twice, it might be a coincidence, but when he does it repeatedly, it’s a clue.

  1. Continuous pauses while talking

This has got nothing to do with speech impairment. For a guy who talks smoothly under normal circumstances, explaining an issue to you shouldn’t be a problem. The thing is, even when a guy has resolved to tell you a lie, he still has to run the lie by his brain during delivery. And since it’s a lie, his brain will have a hard time putting it all together at once. In the process of this internal alignment, he’ll have to pause every now and then, giving his brain a second or two to get acquainted with the fabricated story.



Popular Lagos-based Psychologist and Relationship therapist, Joro Olumofin, has taken to his social media page to share the “20 things a guy shouldn’t do or ask when he meets a Lady.”

20 Things a guy shouldn’t do or ask when he meets a Lady

1. Men shouldn’t look at their phones more than the Lady while on a date

2. don’t Talk about your Bank account or how much your father has ; this puts ladies off (Bragging)

3. Smelling Bad ( Mouth or Body Odour is a No. No)

4. Don’t ask ” are you a virgin?”

5. Don’t ask her how many guys she’s been with (Body Count)

6. If she’s going to pay for the movie or dinner let her know in advance ( no unexpected ATM failures, I forgot my wallet at home)

7. When your phone rings on a date and you’re asked where you are? Don’t give a degrading response eg (I dey with that big ass babe, I dey with tolu big B.reasts, I dey with that weekend chops I teh u about

8. Don’t insist on a “come to my house first date” or come to my friends house first date

9. Don’t leave your date to talk to another Lady for more that 2 minutes

10. Don’t buy her too many gifts she may think ure trying to “buy” her

11. If for any reason someone else needs to be in the car, don’t put her in the back seat

12. Don’t compare her to your Ex

13. Don’t talk about her weight or hair in a negative way eg ( some guys may say : ure about to burst out of that dress, your hair should be due by now ?)

14. After the first $ex always call as a courtesy (whether the $ex was good or bad)

15. Table manners ( don’t make sounds with ur mouth while eating, don’t talk while there’s food in your mouth, don’t use fork & knife for icecream)

16. Focus your eyes on her eyes not her B.reast or ass. ( don’t look at any other lady asides her on a date)

17. Projecting yourself as someone youre not (Ladies can spot fake confidence, or a fake in general) Don’t borrow ur friends car and say it’s yours, don’t lie your friend’s apartment is yours)

18. Don’t be too touchy & feely on a first date

19. Don’t be rude or nasty to the waiter or waitress to impress your date

20. Don’t ask her for money

21. Don’t ask for pictures unless she offers.


African couple having relationship problems, Cape Town, South Africa

A good woman is a source of pride not only to her man but to also those around her and the greatest gift a woman can offer her relationship is to avoid things that could endanger its peace and love. On behalf of every man out there, below are some things every woman should look away from in a relationship.

Bad company: “‘Evil communication corrupts good manners’, they say, you’re highly influenced by the company you keep so it is therefore important to choose them wisely and avoid that friendship that could tempt you into doing something that would harm your marriage, or maybe cause your husband to look at you differently, your friends should make you better, not drag you into imm0rality”.

Comparison to your ex: “Happens whenever there’s an argument between couples, you find one of them recalling their great experiences with their Ex, and comparing the Ex to their current lover most times this is done out of anger most of the time, but it’s important to watch your emotions always do not ever allow them control you as comparing your present partner to your Ex is like telling him to his face the previous is better, and he’s not good enough”.

Don’t be the all in your relationship: “This applies to both married and unmarried people, just because you think your position on an issue or how to approach something is better shouldn’t cause you to shrug off the opinion of your man, he deserves some respect, as much as you do there should be a balance so take his ideas, merge them with yours because that’s how you keep a happy relationship”.