MUST READ:AWOOF! Enjoy Airtel N2500 for calls, N7500 for Data + Extra N7500 for Data (15,000 For Data). Read More Here>>>>>>>>>>


It’s very difficult not to fall into this temptation right now because it is so enticing…everyone loves awoof most especially if there is no any limitation to it. The awoof stuffs have been seeing of late is majorly for new customers but this offer, is for old and new customers.

Airtel smartRecharge is a new offer from the Airtel NG that gives you 10 times more on your recharge for voice and data. Unlike  Airtelsmart connect 2.0 that gives 6x more on the amount you are recharging.

For instance, if you recharge N100, you’ll get N500 for calls and N500 for data. A recharge of N200 will give you N1000 for calls and N1000 for data.

N500 recharge give N2000 for calls, N3000 for data plus extra N3000 for data. While N1000 recharge will give you a whooping N2500 for calls, N7500 for data plus extra N7500 for data. The more you load the more bonuses you get for calls and data.

Now you understand what I’m saying that this smartRecharge is absolutely enticing and the good part of it is that its available for all Airtel Subscribers. Any Airtel sim will do the magic recharge above.

How Can I Get Airtel Super Recharge?

Its simple and easy! Dial *220*Rechargepin# send

This offer is open to new and existing subscribers on Airtel network. This is why Airtel calls it #DoAnyhow.


TecH: MTN Reduces 1.5GB Data Plan for N1000 to 1GB (Plus 500MB 1am -7am) Read Full Story Here>>>>>>>>>>>>

Whoever sold this idea to MTN NG must have failed statistics in his or her year 2 because this is not good at all. Everybody complains that MTN data zaps and 3GB data won’t even last you for 14days talk less of 30days. As if that is not enough, MTN now add salt to the injury by restructuring their data plan again.

 I’d noticed this earlier but just decided to wait for their official sms. MTN will be modifying 1.5GB data plan for N1000 and 3.5GB for N2000.

Y’ello! From Oct, 7, we’re modifying the 1.5GB plan to give you 1GB +500MB bonus only at night (1am-7am)when you buy or renew…

For the 1.5GB, it is now 1GB all day + 500MB Bonus usable from 1am – 7am.

For the 3.5GB, it is now 2.5GB all day + 1GB bonus usable from 1am – 7am

Meaning N1000 now gives you 1GB + 500MB bonus (usable only at night). If you consume your 1GB without browsing from 1am – 7am, your bonus of 500MB won’t be deducted but will just be looking at you eyeball to eyeball.

The same thing is applicable to the N2000 plan. This is one of the reason I always advice you patronize third party agent that gives you 1GB for N600, 2GB for N1100 usable any time of the day and valid for 3 Months.

This is not a good move by MTN because we are out of recession, then why modifies the data plans? Or are all MTN subscribers vigilante?

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I know you are all waiting to test run the TSTV decoder most especially the free 20GB that comes onboard as jara with it. It was finally launched yesterday and we are waiting for them dispatch their decoder to various dealers.


So far so Good, these are all we know about TSTV

  1. Equipment cost: TSVT decoder +Remote+ dish goes for N5000. This exclude installation cost. Depending on who will be installing for you, it shouldn’t be more than N1,500
  1. 20GB of Data: On Purchase of TSTV decoder you get free 20GB of data as a bonus but subsequently, you’ll get 10GB if you are subscribing for a full month.
  1. Pause Subscription: You can only pause your subscription for seven days. Which means you have 7 days of grace plus your 30 days validity period. Meaning you can’t use your full month subscription for 60 days or more.

  1. 4. Pause Subscription is Only Available for 1 month subscription plan

TSTV on Quickteller: You’ll be able to pay your TSTV subscription on Quickteller as it has now been added to the e-payment platform

  1. Data Allocation: You don’t need data to watch any TSTV channels. It’s just a Value Added Services to all TSTV subscribers. For instance if you subscribe for 1 month, You’ll get 10GB Free data from TSTV.
  1. TSTV Movie Box: This box contains series of new movies available for purchase for a token of N300.
  1. Daily Subscription cost as low as N200, 3 days subscription (N500), Weekly subscription (N750) etc.

Note that the data is usable on any devices available via TSTV wi-fi. And you can always buy 1GB of data for N300 once you exhaust your data. We await the sales of the decoder to commence. Dealers Allocation is currently ongoing.

My Opinion

I don’t think this will affect DSTV/Gotv. If you don’t know, 4 xtra channels (La-liga on SS4, Fox, Sony Max, CBS Reality) has been added to Gotv Plus without affecting its price of N1900. I’m pretty sure that some of you are only attracted to the free 20GB of data and nothing more.

Either way, it is a good development… and this is why I love comptetion.

News: See Made-In-Nigeria Spaceship Spotted Along Sagamu Ore Highway (Photos/Video) See Here>>>>


Made-in-Nigeria “spaceship” Car that can fly, drive and move on water spotted taxiing along the Sagamu-Ore road, social media user @ttlawla shared the below video with the caption;

As seen on #SagamuOre road😂😂 #madeinnigeria #N!gga be on runway of life😂. Will probably take off in Benin😩🤣/ #Spaceship

Sources discovered Kehinde Durojaiye for the first three years ago. The jet car was tested and it moved from Lagos to Ibadan. The 46-year-old inventor has tested his jet car and he says it can cover 120 kilometers per hour on land and at least six knots on the sea.

“I tested it in the sea and a lot of people were surprised it can move on the land and sea,” he said. “That’s one of those things that amazes people.” The jet car can cover at least six knots on the sea. Durojaiye revealed he has traveled with the jet car as far as Ibadan; that is 84 miles away from Lagos. The brilliant invention is a beautiful creation when compared to the brands and models of cars in the society. Durojaiye makes his inventions from materials lying as wastes in the society. The aviator spends an appreciable amount of time of in his workshop located on a dump site close to the Lagos lagoon. Sources gathered that Kenny Jet is a married man with four children who has made four prototype cars from materials lying as wastes in the environment. The bulk of his invention comes from the use of materials like plastic, Styrofoam and wood. In creating his latest work, he made use of an office chair, a keyboard and a steering wheel gotten from a tricycle. Watch the video of the

More photos below…

Watch the video of the amazing amazing jet car

News: Nigerian Big Boy, Investor BJ Acquires 5 New iPhone 8 On Its Release Date! (Photos/Video) See Here>>>>>>>


Malaysian based Nigerian big boy, Investor BJ, has just purchased brand new iPhone 8 on its release date.

The Nigerian big boy, who happens to be a rival of “Billionaire Gucci Master” Hushpuppi, took to his IG page some moments ago to show off the brand new gadgets which costs a whooping $1,148USD (N424,000) according to Apple’s website.

So times that amount by Five… and do the maths of how much he spent… on mobile phones y’all!..

He captioned the video he shared:

Finally .. I think am among the first users . Hehe

The iPhone 8 was released today, 22nd of September, 2017 in a selected few countries and it proves that you indeed have to be a Nigerian big boy to purchase the phone on the day it was released.

See photos and video below:

Investor BJ Acquires

Investor BJ Acquires

News: Crowd Gather at Apple Store as It Releases Iphone 8 Today, Others Await Iphone X See Here>>>>>>>>>>>


The Apple iPhone 8 launched today around the world, but queues appear to have been smaller than previous years. Normally, Apple fans wait for days at a time to get their hands on a new smartphone.
But fewer tech lovers waited outside Apple stores this morning, which could suggest many of the diehard fans were holding off to buy the ultra-premium iPhone X, which is due to be released later in the year.

However, this not necessarily evidence that Apple has failed to sell huge numbers of the iPhone 8 and larger iPhone 8+.

Many fans now choose to pre-order devices, which are then delivered to their homes on launch day.

Others book 30-minute appointments at times which are staggered throughout the day.

There is some evidence which suggests online sales have been brisk.

At the time of writing, about two-thirds of the various iPhone models and configurations are not available for immediate delivery and can only be posted out in up to two weeks’ time – suggesting a large number of pre-orders have been made ahead of launch day.

Am also waiting to get the Iphone X once it gets to Nigeria.. See more photos below..

MUST READ:Enjoy 9Mobile Awoof Data: ₦200/1GB And ₦1000/5GB.Read More Here>>>>>>>>>

While some of you are still lamenting over insufficient data and how normal MTN data zaps on time, 9mobile has finally made this offer official 1GB for N200.

You’ll recall that during the Sallah celebration (Ramadan Kareem), 9mobileintroduced special Ramadan offer that gives you N200 for 1GB and 5GB for N1000. Now it has been made official and anyone can just subscribe to the package.

9mobile network is quite fast in some location but not all. If you are seeing 4G LTE appear on your smart device, then you can try out this plan. The validity period for this data is 3 days. Once it expire, you can sub again and again until you see the need to change.

However, those of you complaining of the inhuman exceptional zapping of the newly introduced MTN data offer that gives extra 500MB can simply go with this offer… 5GB for N1000 in 15days.

Simply dial *929*10# to get activated… and dial *228# for data balance.

No tweak required, no vpn required and it works on all devices including the old chincoberry.

MUST READ:11 Important Whatsapp Features You May Not Know About.Read More Here>>>>>>>>>>

While sourcing for information to disseminate you you all.. We stumbled on a post on a TechBlog –, and we thought to share!

They listed out, 12 Important Whatsapp Features You May Not Know About… But we’d post Just 11. See Below;

Whatsapp without any arguments is the number mobile app and chat messenger in the world, these days whatsapp has turn to even a home and living for some people, has many chat do without being online.

12 Whatsapp Features You Must Know For Android And iPhone

For a fact, some have gotten addicted in a way they even go as much, the first thing they do when they are awake (immediately) is to switch on their data and check whatsapp messages; tells you how addicted many are now to whatsapp messenger.

It would perhaps be so drab to use whatsapp messenger on daily basis and not know of some basic features, which could aid your usage of the app.

For a fact, though arguable, many do not know about these features and they use and claim they know whatsapp so well.

So for the neutrals or ignorant once, just to add a few to our knowledge about whatsapp messenger, i have in this post decided to share some important features you need to know about your whatsapp, take a look below, am sure you will have a few to say on this too.

1. Whatsapp Web

This means instead of constantly divided your time between your computer and your mobile phone to be checking your messages you Use WhatsApp on your computer by simply connecting your phone. You can either download the app to your computer or just use the browser version.

To use WhatsApp Web go to on your computer and Settings > WhatsApp Web on your phone. Scan the QR code displayed on your desktop screen using your phone’s camera.

2. Whatsapp Documents Sharing

You can Send PDFs, documents, spreadsheets, slideshows and more, without the hassle of email or file sharing apps.

To do that just tap on the icon that looks like an office clip on pin and select documents. You can send documents up to 100 MB, so it’s easy to get what you need over to who you want.

3. Capture And Pictures And Videos Instantly

Aside from the file transfer of photos and videos you can even capture with built-in camera and send.

To do this tap the on the icon that looks like an office clip on pin then select ‘Camera’. Then long hold the cycle at the bottom (for android phones) to start recording. The cycle turns red and a timer appears at the top of your screen.

4. Formatting: Bold, Italics, Strikethrough

WhatsApp allows you to format your text by adding symbols in front of and after words to achieve a level of aesthetics or emphasis. You can format to bold, italics, and strike through.

For BOLD add asterisks to either side of a word or sentence, e.g. bold For Italics start and end the message with underscores. Example italics
For strikethrough text add tildes at the beginning and end of the word. Example: ~strikethrough~

5. (Most) Frequent Person(s) You Chat With

You can find out who among your contact you chat with most. For android go to Settings > Chat > Chat History > Email Chat to view your most chat up contacts. While for iphone Go to Settings > Data and Storage Use > Storage Use.

6. Track Your Whatsapp Activities (Statistics)

To know the number of messages received, sent, status, data consumed and other such statistics go to Setting > Data Usage > Network Usage. You can also reset this statistics. You can also limit the amount of data you use In the Data Usage menu by ticking the box.

7. Whatsapp Group: Stop And Mute Notifications

If you belong to some overzealous whatsapp group and it keeps getting you distracted you can mute it.

Go to open the group > select menu (three dot at top right)> choose duration from options.

You can also stop notifications using this same step just un-tick the box

8. Read Messages Without Blue Ticks Showing

In Whatsapp one tick means message sent, two tick messages received/delivered, blue tick message read.

If you don’t want to let your contact know you have read their messages go to menu > settings > accounts > privacy > untick read receipts. At this place for android users you can also modify your last seen, who see your profile photos etc.

9. Quick H-ck For Read Messages

Referring to number 8 if you deactivate your read receipts you also cannot see when they read your message.

So to eat your cake and still have it without having to deactivate your read receipt, once you have received the messages you want to read without letting them know, put your phone on airplane mode. Go to whatsapp, read the messages, when you are done close it then turn – off your airplane mode.

10. Stop Whatsapp Auto Download Of Media Files

To conserve data and or storage space you can stop incoming pictures and videos automatically saving to your phone just go to Settings -> Chats -> turn off Save Incoming Media.

11. Save Whatsapp Status

Yes you can save any whatsapp status of your choice, be it a video or picture, after viewing it, then you can save it on your phone gallery or any other folder of your choice for later purposes, see my post on How To Save Whatsapp Video And Picture Status On Android

NEWS:All you need to know about the new iPhone X.Read More Here>>>>>>>>>

Ten years after Apple launched its first iPhone, they have revealed the iPhone X.

It has no home button, scans your face to log you in and costs $999.

The company unveiled the anniversary edition smartphone, alongside an iPhone 8 and its bigger sibling, the iPhone 8 Plus, at a press event at the brand new Apple Park campus in Cupertino on Tuesday.

iPhone X

The company also announced a new Apple Watch with a cellular connection, an Apple TV that streams 4K video, and gave the public its first peek at the circular Steve Jobs Theater.

The new iPhone X kills the home button to make space for a larger screen. It has an edge-to-edge display, glass on the front and back, wireless charging that requires resting the phone on a special surface, and a surgical grade stainless steel band around the edges. It’s water and dust resistant.

The 5.8-inch OLED display isn’t just bigger, it also packs 458 pixels-per-inch. Apple (AAPL, Tech30) calls it a Super Retina Display. It supports HDR, has a million-to-one contrast ratio and improved color accuracy.

iPhone X

The loss of the home button means no more fingerprint sensor. To unlock the phone, you can use your face with a new technology called Face ID. Front-facing cameras and sensors create a map of your face to determine if you are the phone’s proper owner. The technology learns more about your face every time you use it, and stores any face detection information on the device. It uses small flood light to work in the dark.

Apple said face detection is more secure than fingerprints. It added there was a one in 50,000 chance of a random person being able to open your phone with their fingerprint. But those chances drop to 1 in a million with face detection.
The company also introduced a Face ID-enabled feature called Animoji, which serves up animated emoji that mimic your facial expressions. For example, you’ll be able to give your friends side-eye as a unicorn.

The iPhone X will cost $999 for the 64 GB version, $1,149 for the 256 GB version, and start shipping on Nov. 3 — more than a month later than all the other devices announced on Tuesday.

For those not willing to shell out a grand for a new smartphone, the iPhone 8 options are cheaper and also pack a powerful punch. They’re faster, sturdier and better at snapping photos than the previous iPhone.

On the surface, the devices look similar to the iPhone 7. The iPhone 8 clocks in at 4.7 inches and iPhone 8 Plus is 5.5 inches. But inside is an A11 “bionic chip” and an improved camera sensor.

Wireless charging, available on both the iPhone X and iPhone 8 devices, is a big move forward, too. The charging requires contact between a special surface and the glass back of the iPhone. The technology is based on Qi wireless charging, which Apple believes will be available at coffee shops, stores and airports around the world in the near future, so people can get juice on the go.

iPhone 8 smartphones, which come with an aluminum band around the edges, will be available in three colors: space gray, gold and silver.

The iPhone 8 will start at $699 and the iPhone 8 Plus is $799 for 64 GB models.
Credit from CNN