Buy Naija to grow the Naira: Common Sense Economics

nairalifemag-lifemagI was in Nigeria last week to review Ben Murray Bruce’s new book “A Common Sense Revolution” at the launch event which coincided with his 60th birthday. It was my 47th visit to Nigeria which is a country I don’t just like. I love.I was amazed to discover that there were 5,000 guests and that it was going to be broadcast live on national TV. In my introduction I mentioned how I was given the choice of which airline to fly to Lagos and that normally I would have chosen British Airways (I had worked on their global advertising for 10 years). However as I had seen the Senator’s #BuyNaijaToGrowTheNaira campaign it inspired me to choose Arik Air.

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When I mentioned this, the entire audience burst into applause. I had also tweeted a picture of me sitting in my seat in the Arik plane with the Buy Naija hashtag and that single tweet has been retweeted over 600 times and was trending in Nigeria.

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I’m flying Arik to help and I am not Nigerian but I love Well done @benmurraybruce

So it is clear that Ben Murray Bruce has struck a real nerve with this campaign and the reason for this is I think quite simple but also rather uplifting. At a time when Nigeria’s currency has been adversely affected by the fall in global oil prices and it seems the Government is unable to resolve it, this campaign is a breath of fresh air based on the fact that it is common sense that if Nigeria switched consumption from imported goods to domestic products, that would help reverse the outflow of currency.

But more than that it is based on Ben Murray Bruce’s wider insight into Nigeria which has struck a chord with the people: that what divides Nigeria is not the north versus south. Or Muslim versus Christian. The real division is between rich and poor.

The decline in the value of the Naira does not have an impact just on the rich but on the entire nation as the economy suffers and jobs are scarce.

I am delighted to see the positive impact this campaign is having, and that people are actively switching their buying habits from imported to locally-made products. What its impact will be, time will tell, but what it has shown is that individuals working together can do something for the collective good. This is actually about giving people hope and the realisation that they have the power to change their lives – and that is a commodity that money just can’t buy.


A Reminder to Pastor Biodun Fatoyinbo Of COZA Ministries to Publish His Robust Reply by Ijabla Raymond

Dear Pastor Fatoyinbo: It is almost two and half years since a female member of your church alleged that you had been sleeping with her. You had almost immediately promised a “robust reply soon” but there has been no response at all from you let alone a robust one. No reasonable person expects you or any pastor to be a saint but as a leader and role model, and someone who occupies a position of trust, people expect accountability from you.

There is a lot wrong with the church in Nigeria today – Pentecostal pastors are in competition with themselves to accumulate wealth from the tithes and offering of their members; some will stop at nothing to exploit the desperate situations of our people to enrich themselves including making bogus claims about faith healing, paying dodgy characters to fake miracles on stage, making fuzzy pronouncements which they call prophecies, giving patients false reassurances and encouraging them to stop taking their medications with devastating consequences; some pastors own private jets bought with the tithes of their members some of whom cannot even feed their families; many of them sleep with their vulnerable female members who come to them for help. A medical doctor would lose their licence to practise or could even get jailed if they did that to their patient, but somehow our society has different standards for religious institutions and their leaders. Pastors have god-like statures and a cult-like following, which can overwhelm their naive members; and this often stops members from speaking out against sexual or psychological abuse. One thing we can learn from history is that when accountability is lacking, then a culture of abuse, corruption and exploitation becomes entrenched in a society and its institutions e.g. the sexual abuse of teenage boys by Catholic priests.

This is not an attack on your person or morality. Personally, I am not convinced that religion makes people good; indeed, believers are guilty of every sin that their holy books accuse unbelievers of. This is about accountability, a quality that is grossly lacking in Nigerian society. It is the reason there is a church on practically every street but our country consistently tops the list of the most corrupt nations of the world. How can influential pastors like you speak truth to power or rebuke our corrupt government officials and politicians if they themselves are unaccountable?

It is time to walk the talk and live by what you preach. In the name of the God you worship and on whose behalf you claim to speak, I urge you to honour your promise and publish your robust reply now. I have refrained from discussing the online abuses, aggressions and psychological trauma that Miss Walters was subjected to by many of your admirers and supporters who naturally assumed that being a woman she was lying against you, a man of God who can do no wrong. You need to set the record straight – a good name is better than riches. You owe this to yourself, your family, your church members, all those who look up to you, and the society in general. To whom much is given, much is also expected.

Yours truly,

Ijabla Raymond

Ijabla is a medical doctor and he writes from the UK. Contact him at

Did you remember this story? A female member of COZA church alleged that pastor biodun had been sleeping with her but pastor biodun didn’t reply her nor the body of christ for the past two years, so Ijabla Raymond is trying to remind him.

166.91m litres of fuel stuck in depots as marketers blame NNPC for scarcity

LAGOS— About 166.91 million litres of premium motor spirit, PMS, also known as petrol, are stuck in various depots in Lagos, a situation that gave rise to the resurgence of long queues at filling stations in Lagos metropolis and other parts of the country.fuel The Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation, NNPC, and its downstream subsidiary, Pipelines and Products Marketing Company, PPMC, are being blamed for the current petrol shortages because of a loading directive not exceeding 50 trucks daily given to the depots. The blame comes as NNPC said it has stepped up collaboration with the Major Oil Marketers Association of Nigeria, MOMAN, and other downstream industry players to end the resurgence of fuel queues in some major cities across the country, especially in Lagos and environs. It is uncertain how much fruit this effort will yield as Vanguard investigations revealed that of an opening stock level of 140.48 million litres of petrol available in 31 depots in the Lagos area yesterday, only 6.09 million litres were loaded out. This leaves an outstanding of about 135 million litres stuck in the depots, which had increased to about 166.91 million litres closing stock at press time. Broken further, of the 59 depots operated by majors, independents and private owners in Lagos, 31 had the available stock quantity, but only 16 depots had “liftable” PMS, that is, had enough stock above the jet stock level or above minimum requirement levels.
Depot operations Resources

Trucks loading Further investigations revealed that most of the depots being used by NNPC/PPMC for throughput or storage purposes were directed not to load above 50 trucks daily, thus compounding the shortages situation, a development that some depots operators cashed in to sell at N105/litre ex-depot, against government’s prescribed N77 per litre. According to one of the depot operators, who preferred anonymity: “No matter the quantity of product NNPC gives us, since they have said not more than 50 trucks per day, we cannot go beyond that. “Our depot is now like a ghost yard, because we’ve finished with the 50, but we still have stock, and there is a long queue of trucks waiting to load outside.” But NNPC, in a statement, yesterday, said it had “secured the commitment of the leadership of MOMAN for effective collaboration in this regard and assured that the queues will disappear in the days ahead as supplies are ramped up across the country.” The statement signed by the corporation’s spokesman, Mr. Ohi Alegbe, also said: “The corporation noted that to achieve this, truck-out to filling stations in the Lagos area has been increased from the regular 245 to 295 trucks per day (9.7 million) while truck-out to fuel stations in Abuja from Suleja depot has been stepped up to 210 trucks per day (6.9 million litres) from the regular supply of 160 trucks per day.” It added that “similar increment in supply volume has been activated in Port Harcourt, Calabar, Kano and Kaduna areas to ensure seamless availability of petroleum products across every nook and cranny of the country.” While appealing for understanding and support from members of the public, the NNPC assured that it was doing everything possible to end challenges experienced by motorists, commuters and the general public in accessing petrol. “Within the last 48 hours we have received six cargoes of petrol (270 million litres) and beginning from March 1, 2016, we shall begin to receive one cargo of petrol every day (45 million litres),” the corporation said. Depot operations Resources PMS STOCK LEVEL IN LAGOS…Source: Ministry of Petroleum Resources However, marketers insist that NNPC has been unable to meet its PMS import allocation of 78 per cent awarded to it by the Petroleum Products Pricing Regulatory Agency, PPPRA, leaving a paltry 22 per cent for the rest of the marketers, mostly the majors for the first quarter of 2016. Even at that, the majors and others are unable to bring in products due to foreign exchange challenges. Managing Director, Pilot Oil Limited, Mr. Paul Osahon, told Vanguard that marketers had been complaining about their inability to access foreign exchange, which he said was “a hinderance to getting fuel supply.” Although other marketers, particularly the independents and depot operators have criticised the PPPRA’s Q1 PMS import award, saying it wa a return of market monopoly by NNPC. Such a monopoly, they argued, was responsible for the sharp practices at the depots, particularly with regards to ex-depot pricing because many of the independent marketers lift products from the spot market, rather than through the limited number of depots used by NNPC for throughput. Motorists keep vigil at outlets While NNPC resolves the crisis, many motorists now keep vigil at filling stations to get the scarce commodity. According to one Mr. Francis Okafor, “I have been held hostage at this station for the past three hours. Apparently, the situation is very bad because most of the filling stations along Orile and Ojo axis are shut down, while some of the independent marketers have inflated their prices above the regulated price. “This is obnoxious for a country that produces enough crude that could service its needs and those of other neighbouring countries in need of the product.” Similarly, at Ojo, the situation was even worse as marketers sell at N100 per litre. When Vanguard visited Assoil, customers were seen scrambling to gain entrance as fuel was sold afor as much as N120 per litre. Meanwhile, the NNPC also announced that the Minister of State for Petroleum Resources, Dr. Ibe Kachikwu, had directed the full activation of an Intra-Ministerial Joint Monitoring Task Force, for effective products distribution. The Task Force is made up of officials of the Department of Petroleum Resources, DPR; PPPRA, and PPMC, who are charged “to ensure and enforce compliance to laid down rules and regulations governing the supply and distribution of petroleum products.”

No Banking Day: CBN calls for vigilance against excessive charges

LAGOS — The Consumer Advocacy Foundation of Nigeria (CAFON), a non-profit making organization, has threatened to boycott banking services from today, Tuesday, March 1, 2016, owing to perceived arbitrary charges by commercial banks.banking Consequently, Central Bank of Nigeria, CBN, has called on bank customers to be vigilant against excessive bank charges and channel complaints to appropriate authorities, instead of participating in the boycott of banking services. CAFON said: ‘’It is pertinent to note that the Nigerian banking system had seen radical reforms in recent years in order to drive the Vision 20: 2020 programme.

As part of this broad policy initiative the Central Bank of Nigeria, CBN, rolled out the cashless policy with a number of options in the electronic payment systems, including the mobile banking. ‘’To achieve this, the CBN had enlisted electronic and telecom service providers to ensure convenience and safety. ‘’In addition, the Bank also set up the Consumer Protection Department, CPD, saddled with the responsibility of ensuring that bank customers are not unduly short-changed by the commercial banks. “Meanwhile, it is equally expected that while the regulators are doing their bit, bank customers must not only insist, but persist in demanding that their respective banks give them good service and at affordable charges. ‘’Nigerians should note that the bank-customer relationship is personal and contractual and should seek for redress when shotchanged.’’ Meanwhile, the Central Bank of Nigeria, CBN, has called on bank customers to be vigilant against excessive bank charges and channel complaints to appropriate authorities instead of participating in the boycott of banking services.

The apex bank stated this in response to the boycott of banking services today called by Consumer Advocacy Foundation of Nigeria (CAFON). Two weeks ago, CAFON launched a campaign against the introduction of Stamp Duty charge of N50, Current Account Maintenance Fee and excessive bank charges. The group called on bank customers to boycott all banking services in March to protest the charges. However in a statement issued yesterday, the CBN faulted the boycott, saying CAFON should rather encourage Nigerians to take complaints that were related to wrongful bank charges to the appropriate quarters.


Meet Woman Who Crushes Watermelons With Her Thighs in 5 seconds

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Australian fitness guru Kortney Olson isn’t only known as Australia’s first female arm wrestling champion, she has now developed a reputation with her powerful thighs.

She uploaded a video on Facebook on the 5th of February showing how she crushed a watermelon with her thighs in just 5 seconds.

She posted the video alongside the hashtags #YourHeadHereHomeboy and #RooshTheDouche in an apparent attempt to scare ‘pro-rape’ blogger Daryush ‘Roosh’ Valizadeh who planned to visit Australia.

The video received more than 15,000 comments, with many making cruel or sexual remarks about Kortney’s physique.

Kortney addressed the negativity in a Facebook post on Wednesday.

‘Apparently my video has attracted a bunch of insecure, jealous little boys,’ she wrote. ‘So I can answer all of your messages at one time: YES! I’m married to a man. NO! I’m not a lesbian. ‘NO! testosterone has some non-reversible side effects I’m not prepared to deal with. ‘NO! I’m not competing in physique again, it was a massive waste of time and money. ‘And finally, YES! I’d love to change the world with you by empowering more women to BE AND DO WHATEVER THE HELL THEY WANT TO.’





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Photos: Buhari Arrives Nigeria After His 5-day vacation

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President MUhammadu Buhari Has Touched Down Nigeria after his 5 day vacation in London.

Recall, the president went on a 5 day vacation and handed over the affairs of the country to his Vice, Prof. Yemi Osinbajo.






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Charly Boy Pens Down Valentine Letter To Single Ladies

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As valentines day approaches, Charly Boy, has penned a touching message to ‘Single and worried’ ladies.

In some soothing words he shared via his Facebook page, he encouraged them, asking that they do not feel discouraged or lonely.

He wrote, saying:

“Few days to valentines day and some lady out there is arrested in her thought.In her thought she has this running in her mind ” I don’t have a lover, I don’t think any man will want to buy me gifts or take me out on that day’.

“My special advice for you long lady “KNOCK IT OFF”!!!!!!! Don’t let that thought make you feel like a crap. Valentines gift and outing doesn’t validate how cute, sexy and appreciated you are lady.

“Take away that mind set from your beautiful soul because the worst loneliness is not to be comfortable with yourself. No matter how you feel, GET UP, DRESS UP, SHOW UP AND NEVER GIVE UP. I hope this speak to any lady out there who feels like a loner, Be your #WCW”

Photos: Olamide’s Son, Maximiliano Celebrates 1st Birthday in Grand Style

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YBNL rapper, Olamide’s son, Batifeori Maximiliano Adedeji turned a year old a couple of week ago, and nothing was spared to give him a grand birthday celebration, even though his famous dad was away in Ogun State during that period for its 40th year anniversary celebrations.


Shina Peller of Quilox Night club also gave the young lad a customized car for his birthday!

Recall in an interview, the rapper spoke on his relationship with his baby mama and long time girlfriend, Adebukunmi Suleiman. He stated that although they are still together, he has no plans for marriage now.

“We’ve been cool from way back and we’ve been together for almost 5 years now. It’s not just some random chic that came around from nowhere. That’s just it. But the question of marrying her, that one is very hard to answer because Olamide is not God. Only God knows tomorrow,” he said.

We wish the Yound Baddo a Happy Belated Birthday.

Tiwa Savage – African Waist f. Don Jazzy

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