GIST: Teen queen dethroned over indecent birthday photos

Teen queen dethroned

After series of photos parading the social media space weeks after her coronation, Miss Abasiodiong Eyo, winner of Mr/Miss Akwa Ibom Teen, 2017/2018, has been dethroned by the Akwa Ibom State Teenagers Forum for releasing semi-nude photos on her birthday, CALABAR REPORTERS gathered.

Teen queen dethroned

The President of the Forum, Comrade Martins Jimmy, in a statement made available to IBOM REPORTERS said the organisation believes in maintaining high moral standards describing the attitude of the former Queen as infantile.

He maintained that the “semi-nude” photographs released by Miss Abasiodiong Eyo Inyang was entirely an exuberance of her own and never represented the views, positions, or primary focus of Akwa Ibom State Teenagers Forum, saying Miss Eyo must have been obsessed with the Miss Akwa Ibom Teen Crown given her on November 10, 2017.

His words, “That Miss Abasiodiong Eyo has been dethroned as the 2017 Queen of Akwa Ibom Teenagers Forum and excommunicated from the Forum, forthwith. Ours is a Forum, committed to raising the bar in pageantry, with high moral etiquettes, and as such, has zero tolerance for indiscipline in any form, whatsoever.

Teen queen dethroned

“That a new Queen, Miss Meggy Linus has been appointed and will be crowned within 48 hours of the Release. Miss Linus was the First Runner-up at the 2017 Edition of Mr/Miss Akwa Ibom Teen.”

“We sincerely regret any inconvenience the puerile behaviour of our former Queen may have caused the general public, while also urging social media users to refrain from tarnishing the image of Akwa Ibom Teenagers Forum,” he added.

Teen queen dethroned

Miss Abasiodiong Eno Inyang, Saturday, shocked fans and friends, when semi-nude photos of herself went viral on social media. The former Teen Queen left her chest bare in some photos, while smoking in another photo.


GIST: N40,000 Per Hour: First Sex doll brothel opens in Germany

Well, the bizarre sex doll which has become a talk of the town across many nations has finally reached Germany, with the country’s first sex doll-only brothel opening for business.

First Sex Doll Brothel Opens

29-year-old Evelyn Schwarz, runs the aptly named ‘Bordoll’ in Dortmund, Germany – A fusion of the words ‘bordello’ and ‘doll’.

Originally looking into S&M, Schwarz instead decided to buy 11 silicone ‘love dolls’ each of which she gave a unique name.


The five stone sex dolls are imported from Asia and cost her €2,000 (N880,000) each.

They all have different heights, hair colours and breast sizes. One sex doll is even made to look exactly like a blue-haired Japanese anime character.

It has been such a success that the dolls are booked around 12 times a day, costing €80 (£71) per hour.

See more photos;

GIST: Over 40 Stylish and Head Turning Ankara Styles You will Love (Photos)


These head turning Stylish, Beautiful Ankara Styles will inspire you to up your fashion game.

Over 40 Stylish and Head Turning Ankara Styles You will Love (Photos)


These head turning Stylish, Beautiful Ankara Styles will inspire you to up your fashion game.

GIST: Soundcity MVP Award Saga: Davido and Olamide’s Music Producers Allegedly Fight Dirty (Photos)

It has been reported that popular Nigerian music producers YoungJohn and Kiddominant have taken to social media to allegedly fire shots at each other.

This started following the Soundcity MVP award ceremony that took place on Friday, January 12, at the Convention Centre, Victoria Island, Lagos.

At the award ceremony, Olamide’s music producer Youngjonn was reported to have beaten Davido’s producer, Kiddominant, to winning producer of the year award. This was reported to have gotten Kiddominant angry as Davido had hit tracks in 2017.

On Monday, January 15, Youngjonn took to his Instagram handle to share a picture of him with the caption: “NUMBER 1….Kill yourself!” However, he did not mention Kiddominant’s name in his post but majority concluded that the post was meant for him.

See post below:


Without wasting much time, on the same day Kiddominant also took to his Instagram handle to share a picture with the caption: “Lions don’t wrestle with pigs.” Also, he never mentioned Youngjonn’s name but his followers concluded that he fired back at Olamide’s music producer.

See post below:

We hope this does not lead to more trouble between the two music stars.


GIST: 5 Nigerian Male Celebrities Who Married Wife Whose Age is Older Than Theirs (Photos)

As people say, age is just a number, what matters is love and these Nigerian Celebrities didn’t bother themselves about the wide age differences between them and their men, all that mattered to them was love and so far, many of them have been able to keep their marriages intact.

We presents 5 Nigerian celebrities with daring age gaps between them.

1. Lola And Peter Okoye

Peter Okoye is married to Lola Omotayo who is said to be 6 years older than Peter. Peter and his twin brother Paul were born on the 18th of November 1981.

In an earlier interview years back, Lola addressed the age gap between them thus: “Like I said, Peter is an old soul and he always tells me that I’m like a 23-year-old. Age is just a number. Right now, you can see it around the world. Demi Moore, Usher and some known people. Even in Nigeria here, they are dating people far older than their age. So, we shouldn’t base it on the age factor. He doesn’t make me feel like he’s younger than me.”

2. Deola And Darey Art Alade

Dare Art-Alade and his wife Deola Ayeni have been married for about 10 years now. . Deola is said to be 8 years older than Darey yet they’ve been married for years with lovely kids. Dare once responded thus in an interview about their age gap: Do you not feel any pressure of any sort being married to somebody older than you are? No pressures at all! Every body at sometime finds what works for him or her. I am perfectly happy with my marriage to my wife and I absolutely have no problems or pressures of any sort.

3. Kaffy And Joseph Ameh

Kafayat Sharafat popularly known as Kaffy is a dancer and a mother of two, she got married to Joseph Ameh who happens to be popular singers, Psquare’s drummer. Kaffy is eight years older than Pappy J as he is popularly called. They got married in 2012 and they have two children Eliana Ameh, their daughter and Sean Ameh, their son.

4. Ann Njemanze and Silver Ojieson

Nollywood actress, Ann Njemanze was a movie sensation in the 90s while she was married to popular actor, Segun Arinze. After their divorce, Njemanze went under the radar, but surfaced again a few years ago. She got married to her new husband, Silver Ojieson, in 2013, and she admitted to journalist that he’s five years younger than her. The actress has a teenage daughter from her previous marriage to Arinze.

5. Soul E And Queen Ure

Before their breakup, Soul E and Queen Ure were in love. Despite the fact that Queen Ure was 11 years older than Soul E the duo were everywhere.

In one of their major interviews years ago when they were still very much in love, they both addressed their wide age gap saying, ‘love conquers all’.


GIST:South African Lady Shares Hot Photos to Prove She is $exier Than the N800k $ex Doll (Photos)

After the photos of a new $ex doll which will be sold for over N800k went viral, a South African blogger Nandy Mlomo took to her Twitter page to share $exy photos to prove that she is $exier.

However, she received backlash from twitter users, as they berated her for comparing herself to a $ex doll.

See their reactions below;

Molemi wrote; “Dolls dont give us Ls..she ignored my tweet”

Sir Paul Wrote: “Well we wouldn’t be buying expensive hair every month”

Uncle Ojo Wrote: “No thanks, that body and wig will still need some maintenance, and will not have $ex if it’s needs are not met. With Doll baby, there won’t be all that!”

Cashflow wrote; “I can pay to get same version of you as a $ex doll!🤣🤣🤣 i guess the brazilian hair we won’t be buying anymore is really getting to ya’all!”


GIST: Did You Know Orji Uzor Kalu’s House has 400 Rooms? Top Facts About this Mansion (Photos/Video)


Have you ever wondered how rich is Orji Uzor Kalu, the chairman of some well-known Nigerian companies and former governor of Abia State? The answer is: he is so rich that he could afford an enormous mansion consisting of 400 rooms! Read about Orji Uzor Kalu house in Igbere and see the breathtaking photos.

This man has a lot of experience in business and politics. Born on April 21st, 1960, Orji Kalu grew in Abia State, Nigeria, and later proceeded to become a governor of this state. He served as Abia State governor for eight years – from 1999 to 2007. Before he was elected to this position, he used to be a chairman of Borno Water Board and a head of Cooperative and Commerce Bank limited.

He was also a part of People’s Democratic Party (in 2007, he tried to run for President from this party). Orji Uzor Kalu used to be a chairman of PPA Board of Trustees, but he resigned. Apart from that, he also presided as a head of Daily Sun and New Telegraph, the Nigerian newspapers. So, his working experience includes being a successful businessman and a head of some huge corporations.

Of course, his business earned him a fortune, which he now can spend on various activities. The media report that the former Abia State governor owns an incredibly rich mansion in Igbere. The house is situated in his village, and named “Camp Neya”, after his daughter whose name is Neya.

Here, you can read about the facilities of Orji Uzor Kalu mansion and see the exclusive photos of the rich house.

Orji Uzor Kalu mansion: all the information you wanted to know

This house was built all the way back in 1998. In 1999, it was commissioned by Col. Anthony Obi, who was a military administrator of Abia State in the past. As it was mentioned previously, Camp Neya has 400 rooms. All of them serve for some unique purpose and are specifically designed for their functions.

For example, the house has more than 36 jumbo-sized rooms for sitting, a presidential lodge consisting of 12 rooms, a huge lodge for governors of all the 36 states and FCT, a conference hall which is capable of accommodating 5000 people, a festive hall for banquets, a karaoke hall, 187 bedrooms, 22 kitchens, 102 toilets and 76 bathrooms.

And if you thought this is all the house can offer to the guests, you were wrong! There are facilities for numerous activities, designed so no one gets bored in the house and will be able to find a hobby to their liking. Namely, there is a football pitch, a huge Olympic-sized swimming pool, a golf course, one swimming pool indoors, a basketball court, a tennis lawn court, a sports center, a mosque, a church, and a bush bar.

And this is not all about this rich and luxurious house. It provides all the comfort that the guests can only dream of. There is a filling station, a couple of ATM machines, a medical clinic, a recreation center for children, an ICT center, a couple of gardens, a police post, and military department. You would agree this is impressive! Here are some pictures from Camp Neya. Look at these marvelous views – they are surely a dream come true for everyone.


Many people disapprove of Orji Uzor Kalu having such a rich mansion, saying that so many residents of Nigeria are starving and homeless while he is bathing in luxury and letting only the rich and respectable guests into his huge house.

But for now, we should probably just enjoy the luxurious photos of Camp Neya. Those people who worked on building and designing this mansion have done a huge work, and they deserve some credit and admiration.


GIST: Meet Nollywood actress Mercy Johnson’s brothers and sisters – Childhood, Family History, Twin Sister Rumor and Much More. See More Photos Here>>>>>>>>>>

Mercy Johnson is one of the most popular Nigerian actresses. News about her is constantly in the media. Fans are eager to learn the latest facts on the life of the favorite celebrity. In particular, attention is paid to the family of this delightful lady. It is discussed no less than her acting career and her fine fashion style. From this article, you will learn about Mercy Johnson brothers and sisters.

Speaking of personal life, the most discussed topic is Mercy Johnson’s children. However, little is known about those people who were with her when she was a kid herself. In fact, her childhood is full of interesting information!

Childhood and family history

Several things you should know about early years of the Nollywood diva:

  • Her father was a serviceman so Mercy Johnson and family were forced to relocate to different parts of Nigeria very often.
  • The girl’s parents were not rich. She achieved everything herself and was not capricious child bathing in luxury.
  • Her father left the family when she was a little child. This circumstance only complicated the financial situation.
  • Mercy, her sisters, and brothers had to work and contribute to the family budget from an early age to maintain the normal living conditions.

Today we see that all these obstacles have strengthened the character of the actress. She became famous and successful.

Brothers and sisters

Mercy’s family is quite large, she has six siblings among which she is the fourth.

Growing up, Mercy was fond of activities and games designed for boys as she grew up with them. In the interviews, Mercy mentioned that her relationship with her brothers is much stronger than with her sisters.

Mercy’s brothers and sisters stay of the media and Mercy also protects their privacy as much as she could. She doesn’t talk about them much.

Although many facts about this family are not made public it is worth hoping that they all happily as one big family.

Of course, fans would like to see more photos in the media, but we will have to be patient and wait until the actress wants to show them to the Nigerian public.

Twin sister rumor

Some time ago an interesting rumor about Mercy Johnson appeared on the Internet. It was believed that she has a secret sister who is identical to the actress as two drops of water. However, later it turned out that this is just a viral gossip. Stars are often credited with secret lovers, husbands, children, and now even with twins.

The girl in the photo just looks like the favorite Nigerian star, but they do not have any blood connection.

Now that she has her own family, it is obvious that Mercy is not only a good actress but also a caring wife and a wonderful mother. We wish her happiness, love, and well-being in her family life.


NEWS: NYSC 2017 Batch ‘B’ (Stream II) Call-Up Letter Printing And Orientation Details. Read More Here>>>>>>>>>>>

The NYSC 2017 Batch ‘B’ Stream II Orientation Course is scheduled to hold in Fifteen (15) NYSC Orientation Camps only, namely; Abia, Bauchi, Benue, Delta, Enugu, Sokoto, Jigawa, Kaduna, Katsina, Plateau, Lagos, Osun, Oyo, Rivers and the FCT. The Orientation Course is to commence as follows;

(a) Commencement and Registration: Tuesday 16th January, 2018
(b) Cut-off date for Registration: Midnight Wednesday,17th January, 2018
(c) Swearing-In Ceremony: Thursday, 18th January, 2018
(d) Closing: Monday, 5th February, 2018

2. All prospective corps members for the 2017 Batch ‘B’ Stream II Orientation Course are advised to proceed to their respective Camps as stated on their Call-up letters. Foreign-trained graduates are to report to the Camp with their travelling Passport for Identification as well as their Certificate/Transcript for verification.

3. In the event of any loss of Call-up Letter, the Corps member who collected the Call-up letter from his/her Institution is advised to obtain Police Report and Sworn Court Affidavit and thereafter, report to the Institution of graduation for further necessary action. Those who initially printed their Call-up Letters on-line can re-print the Call-up Letters as many times as they want in the case of loss.

4. Prospective Corps Members are to note that their states of deployment may differ from their orientation camp venue, hence; they must take careful note of their respective orientation camp venue before proceeding to camp.


(a) Original Call-up Letter or Call-up Letter printed on-line
(b) Statement of Result endorsed by authorized officer with authentic signature.

(c) School Identity Card, including travelling Passport for Foreign-trained graduates.

(d) Medical Doctors, Pharmacists, Physiotherapists and Optometrists are to produce evidence of Registration with their Professional Bodies.

(e) Prospective Corps members should go to Camp with Functional Account Number and Bank Verification Number (BVN) to facilitate online payment of entitlements.

(f) In addition, each prospective corps member MUST present Certificate of Fitness from a Government or Military Hospital showing his/her health status before he/she will be registered and admitted for the orientation course.

The Director–General, Brigadier General SZ Kazaure DSS PhD FCSN wishes all prospective corps members journey mercies to their respective camps and a memorable orientation course.


NEWS:NYSC Introduces New Payment System for Prospective Corps Members. Read More Here>>>>>>>>

The management of National Youth Service Corps, NYSC, has announced the new payment method for all prospective corps members.

The Scheme introduced use of remita to make payment easier for corps members, via the NYSC official portal.

Below is the complete procedures on how to make payment on NYSC portal, using the Remita pay option.

1. PCM should go to the portal home page ( and follow the following steps:Click on “Login”.

2. PCM enters Email ID and Password to login

3. PCM clicks on “click here to make payment”.

-After a successful login,The PCM will click on “Proceed to Payment,” once the payment confirmation page is displayed, the PCM will be redirected to Remita

-Payment Engine with various payment options.

4. Option A: For Cards and Wallet Payments;

-PCM clicks on “Pay now with Cards or Wallets”

-PCM provides card details, pin and any other information required and if the transaction is successful, the redirect URL is loaded

-Click on status of the transaction..

Option B: Paying in any Bank Branch:

Copy the RRR number generated by NYSC portal and take to any of the approved banks. Click on “see available bank branches” to view the banks.

5. After making the payment at the bank branch, the PCM can check payment status on the URL: PCM inputs transaction reference number/email id or phone number used in Registering online.

6. Click on “continue” to query Remita and view the transaction detail?

7. Click on “Get status” to view the details of payments.

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